Sony TGS Press Conference Live Stream

In just a few moments, Sony will begin live streaming its Tokyo Game Show press conference. What should you expect? Well, Sony has already confirmed that there will be at least 18 unannounced PlayStation Vita games at its TGS booth. We’re most likely going to see quite a few of those games in action.

Nintendo dropped a bomb yesterday when it revealed Monster Hunter 4 for the 3DS. I wouldn’t doubt that Sony has a few surprises of its own.


You can watch the live stream by clicking this link. It should be starting any minute now. Unlike the Nintendo conference, it seems like this one will actually be in English.

Update: You can also try this link if the other one doesn’t work.



  1. Having a rubbish sleeping pattern really does pay off after all..

  2. Just as well I didn’t realise this was going to be on or I wouldn’t have had any sleep! Will catch all the news here today and try to view the press conf later.

  3. Shame I couldn’t see it, was even in english.. Just a bit too late for me.

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