Zumba Fitness Sells 3 Million

Majesco have announced profits of $19.5 million, up 61 per cent from last year and the rise has been attributed to the chart topping Zumba Fitness, which spent thirteen weeks at number one.

Sales of Zumba have now topped three million and the cunningly titled sequel, Zumba Fitness 2, hits the shelves this Christmas.


I have to admit I’m still enjoying the ‘game’ – perhaps we should have a TSA Zumba class at the Eurogamer Expo, and show those namby-pamby COD players some proper gaming.

Source: GI.Biz




  1. WAIT. Who added “At the Eurogamer Expo”? I didnt type that. Curse you editors!

    • Muhahahahaaaaaa

    • I’ll join in. Maybe.

    • post the video – no backing down now ;)

    • No stepping away from it now mate.

      • Sadly Im not going to Eurogamer (unless Peter finds that spare ticket) so there wil be no Zumba-ing. Sorry.

  2. I think the cod players would insult you and try to teabag the bunch of you whilst camping. :op

    I thought it had sold more. :O Then how the eff did it remain high on the charts if it only sold 3 million? Did it sell more then the others per week?

    • It didn’t have much competition during those weeks, so overall sales were almost certainly lower, week-on-week, compared to new releases.

    • Either way it would be a good watch.

  3. I hate to admit it but I bought this game for my mum.
    It’s pretty damn good for what it is. It’s also the kind of thing she’ll be chipping away at for months, possibly years, to come.
    Beat that for replay value, AAA titles!

  4. I’m still annoyed about it’s 13 weeks at #1.. Number 2 might do worse with all the amazing games coming out..

  5. Wonder how many of them are gathering dust now

  6. Ha! Would pay to see the TSA staff playing Zumba with a few jars on them!

  7. Congrats to Majesco. They obviously know what the people want. The sales are still quite shocking.

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