Golden Joystick Awards Have Received Over 1 million Votes

The GamesMaster Golden Joystick Awards have exceeded 1 million votes. The Awards, which have been running for 29 years, allow gamers to vote in a number of categories regarding their favourite games.

Voting for the Golden Joystick’s is open until the 14th of October and anyone can vote. If you haven’t cast your votes you can do so here.


After the votes have been tallied up a ceremony will be held on the 21st of October at the Westminster Bridge Park Plaza, where the winners will be announced.  However, if you want to attend that it’ll cost £2900 for 10 people. Better start saving.

Source: CVG




  1. 999,999 are them from B.Kotick for Modern Warfare 3.

    • there’s always that one guy who votes for minecraft… ;D

    • Look at “What people are voting on”, those are some weird choices. (best action/adventure – Crackdown 2?)

    • You think Bobby is sitting there clicking? He probably has people from the studios Activision has shut down locked in a room where all they can do is vote.

  2. £2900??? how much for one?

  3. Damn right this is better than the Oscars! I’ll be very disappointed if Child of Eden doesn’t win best music game.

    • I never knew it was like music when I saw that? but yeah just voted that and things like Yakuza

  4. Voted, entered, hope I win stuff… Hope Portal 2 wins more though..

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