2010 Golden Joystick Awards

The results for the annual Golden Joystick Awards are in and they are predictably dull if I’m being totally honest. Bet you can’t guess which game won ‘Best Shooter’.

The only real surprise is Assassin’s Creed II beating Red Dead Redemption, congratulations to the team at Ubisoft. The full list of winners follows – be warned the phrase “in association” is used rather a lot.


The Action/Adventure Game Of The Year in association with Nuts
Winner: Assassin’s Creed II
Runners Up: Batman: Arkham Asylum, Red Dead Redemption

Download Game Of The Year in association with Green Man Gaming
Winner: Plants vs. Zombies
Runners Up: Battlefield 1943, Call of Duty: World At War: ZOMBIES

Fighting Game Of The Year in association with Official Nintendo Magazine
Winner: Street Fighter IV
Runners Up: Tekken 6, Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny

Music Game Of The Year in association with Total Film
Winner: Guitar Hero 5
Runners Up: DJ Hero, The Beatles: Rock Band

The One To Watch in association with MSN
Winner: Call of Duty: Black Ops
Runners Up: Fallout: New Vegas, Star Wars: The Old Republic

Online Game Of The Year in association with CVG
Winner: League of Legends
Runners Up: Aion: The Tower Of Eternity, Farmville

Portable Game Of The Year in association with Habbo
Winner: Pokémon Heart Gold/Soul Silver
Runners Up: Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines, Plants vs. Zombies

Puzzle Game Of The Year in association with NGamer
Winner: World of Goo
Runners Up: Professor Layton and Pandora’s Box, Scribblenauts

Racing Game Of The Year in association with T3
Winner: Forza Motorsport 3
Runners Up: Need For Speed: Shift. Colin McRae: Dirt 2

RPG Of The Year in association with GamesRadar
Winner: Mass Effect 2
Runners Up: Fallout 3: Game Of The Year Edition, Final Fantasy XIII

Shooter Of The Year in association with IGN Game On
Winner: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Runners Up: Bad Company 2, Left 4 Dead 2

Soundtrack Of The Year in association with Metal Hammer
Winner: Final Fantasy XIII
Runners Up: Brutal Legend, Assassin’s Creed 2

Sports Game Of The Year in association with Mousebreaker
Winner: FIFA 10
Runners Up: Wii Sports Resort, Skate 3

Strategy Game Of The Year in association with PC Gamer
Winner: Plants vs. Zombies
Runners Up: The Sims 3, Age of Empires III: Collection

UK Developer Of The Year in association with Edge
Winner: Jagex
Runners Up: Rockstar North, Codemasters

This news item was brought to you in association with the Toffee Crisp I have just scoffed.

Source: CVG



  1. How uncontroversial!

    These might just as well be sales awards, hardly anything bucked the trend


    • I’ll second that. Yawn City in Yawnsville in the state of Yawn.

    • no uncharted 2, modnation racers or heavy rain even making the runners up list. Thats seems fairly controversial to me

      • Like I said, its like a ‘sales’ awards ceremony rather than a ‘quality’ awards ceremony

      • I was surprised not to see Heavy Rain as a runner up in the soundtrack category, it has a great score.

      • agreed,how can uncharted 2 not be there when it has won more awards than all of the games up there.(i might be wrong but it has definitely gotten more awards than most)

      • It may be because the game was released more than a year ago?

  2. i think AC2 is superior to RDR :)
    also, best OST for FFXIII? Fallout 3 had a better score!

  3. i dont get it. Bar 3 of the winners, all the others were released in 2009, ok, some of them maybe late 2009 but 2009 all the same

    • Golden Joysticks voting runs from August (I think) so that’s their cut off date. Games needed to be out between Aug (I think) 2009 and August (I think) 2010 to be elligible for these awards.
      Black Ops, for example, will be elligible for an award in the 2011 ceremoney, despite being out in 2010.
      It is a bit odd and tends to confuse a lot of consumers but as an excuse for PR and Future publishing guys to get drunk with publishers and developers the Golden Joysticks are unrivalled ;-)

      • well thanks for clearing that up for me cb

  4. bfbc2 is way better than call of fail 6

    • I used to think that, the first few months after release, but now i dont. Fed up of being lumbered with a team on snipers, that dont move off the starting spawn point/hill/cliff, and then when i die, i have to leg it the whole map just to get back to the action because the sniping c**ts still havent moved! rant over ;)

    • I clicked this link just to make sure BFBC2 picked up at least one award , lo and behold … nothing ???

  5. Strategy Game Of The Year in association with PC Gamer
    Winner: Plants vs. Zombies
    Awesome! It really is superb (especially on the PC and the Xbox). I hope it comes to PSN sooner or later.

  6. I’m so glad FFXIII got the best OST, it really is superb.

  7. yeah tho bfbc2 is constantly supported, and the expansions/addons are not as over priced as cod fail… i guess i just prefer EA to infinity ward

  8. Music GOTY was totally wrong – you’ll see tomorrow :p

  9. One to Watch category no Gran Turismo 5? Oh wait its in association with MSN so I guess it makes sense that they wouldn’t praise a game that xboxers can’t play.

  10. How can a GOTY edition of a game be nomiated?
    it should not be included. And GT5 should have won the one to watch.

    • It’s in association with msn which is a microsoft subdivision. They wouldn’t give an award to a game that cant be played on the xbox.. :/

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