Latest DmC Trailer Shows Us More Combat

At the risk of being lynched, I am really looking forward to DmC. After being pretty disappointed by Devil May Cry 4, DmC looks to be the boot up the backside the franchise needs.

Check out the latest trailer below, showing a decent amount of combat and a glimpse of white haired Dante at the end.

Source: YouTube



  1. Is it me or do the fighting spaces look a little bland. Like in FFVII when your transported into the ‘fighting screen’? I liked the claustrophobic feel of the originals. Would still love to give it a try.

  2. No matter how many trailers they throw at me I really don’t think I’ll be getting this, not after they’ve raped Dante like they have.

  3. Visuals didnt look to bad in places there, but did in other bits.

  4. I hate that the flucking director decided to put his face on bloody dante thus making Dante unrecongisable. Also, they have said that Dante uses an Angel form. THERE ARE NO ANGELS IN DMC! To make things worse, it is now a prequel which means, potentally they could eff up the storyline if Dante unlocks his powers in this game. I know he said as a child his powers started to show themselves but i assumed that he meant his healing abilties, strength, etc..

    The combat looks good. But i hate the soundtrack. DMC usually have a fast paced soundtrack or mainly rock. IF Dante screams like a little girl in this, i will mega rage as i don’t like it when one of the coolest video game characters are basically raped by the developers.

    At least DMC1,2 and 3 HD have been annouced. :D So i will be able to dull the pain with those games. Except two. As that was the worst of the series.

  5. Booo! Bring on Capcom’s next DMC.

  6. Hmm, so the new look of the main character is a chav/rioter…great

    • Isn’t set in london though is it..?

  7. I have to admit that this looks better than the other trailers. Maybe something to pick up for cheap to fill a gap until the next big game comes out.

  8. This sounds harsh, But watching a trailer for dmc feels like that moment when I found that I’d be playing as raiden for the rest of mgs2…

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