Sonic Generations ‘Genesis Era’ Trailer

SEGA has released a new, short video showing the Green Hill, Chemical Plant, and Sky Sanctuary levels in action. I’m really digging the music in this trailer, and even the wife sussed out what game it was just by listening from across the room.


Source: SEGA


  1. Haha, I love the comment underneath:
    “IGN review:
    + Looks great
    + Best Sonic game in years
    – Not COD
    Verdict = 5.0”

  2. 3D Sonic *shivers*

    Ooh 2D, awesomez

    • CC in respect although most 3D sonic sux. The Sonic Adventure games on Dreamcast were awesome. It’s just that Sonic The Hedgehog (1st PS3 3D sonic) and Sonic Unleashed sucked. My verdict Silver The Hedgehog was not needed although Shadow rocks and Werehog was a bad idea, although the “dark” chaos emeralds were pretty cool.

  3. It’s sounding better, but I still don’t trust SEGA. They’ve screwed up just too much for me to believe this will turn out fine o_o.

    • Agreed. Their “if in doubt add another gimmick” strategy has let me down time and again. All a lot of people want is Sonic 3 with 500 extra levels

  4. Looks great. Metal Sonic made an appearance at the end.

  5. Isn’t that music from the floating level in Sonic and Knuckles where you fight Metal Sonic at the end?

  6. I think Sonic’s been missing a good yet simple story, when Sonic & Knuckles came out straight after 3 it felt like it was part of an epic adventure even though there’s literally no dialogue.
    Sonic doesn’t need ‘Were-hedgehogs’ , 14 other evil iterations of the hedgehog himself or half of the animal kingdom thrown in as sidekicks. What Sonic needs/needed is a simple and recognisable story with the same 2D sidescrolling that made it popular. Something about Sonic 4 made it feel very cold to play even though it did go back to 2.5D so I hope that the story in generations is fairly straightforward and hopefully with only Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Dr Robotnik :)…..Oh and the good old fashioned Super Sonic :D

  7. i really hope this game is good. it looks good, but there may be a werehog somewhere close

  8. The Music is from Hidden Palace/Sky Sanctuary in Sonic 3/Sonic & Knuckles/ Sonic 3 7 Knuckles if I recall. Also would like to say some of the best music the franchise had to offer in that one small section of the series :)

  9. I just love the seeeeegaaaa thing at the start really… Not a sonic fan, always found it way too fast and just got confused and lost.. was pretty fun though.

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