What We Played #18

What We Played

Do you like your Space Orcs to come with Cock-er-ney accents? Then the game Dan spent a fair chunk of his time ploughing through will be right up your street. “Ploughing” may sound like Dan didn’t enjoy it much but this was the kind of ploughing you do with a Chainsword and a million-strong army of the aforementioned Space Orcs.

You may think that a huge genetically engineered Space Marine wearing armour that’s wider and heavier than the average American ‘small’ family car would have long since lost all hope of taking anybody by surprise. That wasn’t the case with Captain Titus the titular hero (assuming Orcish genocide qualifies him for hero status) of Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine.


“What a fantastic surprise the game is”, says Dan. “Whilst it lacks the variety of the main players in the 3rd person genre, it is a hell of a blood stained blast!” He then wasted little time finding another game that would allow him to focus his pent-up rage on though this time it was a single individual, not an entire race, that he persecuted.

I’ve also been playing Star Fox 64 3D. It has aged really well, although the fact Nintendo hasn’t added an online multiplayer really irks me. It turns out that after 14 years I still hate Slippy Toad too, and often follow him around trying to shoot him out of the sky. “You’re making me mad, Fox”, yeah well, tell it to God when you see him. Pew pew pew!

[drop]For those of you who grew up after the hobby of rolling dice to see which metal miniature killed which other metal miniature had passed its peak, the stereotypical space marines you may be more familiar with are likely to look like Marcus Fenix et al.

That being the case, Tuesday probably can’t come soon enough for you. The odd lucky soul, like Peter, has been able to butcher their way through Space Orcs lambent hordes with a chainsaw bayonet-equipped lancer already. He calls Gears of War 3 “probably the best of the series”.

While retaining “all the great bits where you get to shoot huge monsters in the face with big guns” the latest episode of Marcus and Dom’s bro-mance “does more with the story and characters than the previous games”. Reluctantly dropping all the large calibre firearms he went on to experience a revered form of ritual tribal arena-based combat…

I’ve played the two big football game demos. FIFA‘s changes are a huge leap in the right direction, the new tackling and defending systems feel like they’ll finally bring the gameplay on a par with PES. The PES demo itself is slightly disappointing though. It feels like the opponents have spent all summer in defensive training and I just can’t seem to break them down. Not a bad thing for the full game, most likely, but I wanted to win my demo games by a few goals but instead I was grinding out scoreless draws.

Just in time to stop The Towers being overcome by a surging wave of testosterone as various races, teams and a universally despised toad met on the bloody field of combat we find Toby, still case solving his way through L.A. Noire. He’s determined to finish it before leaping almost one hundred years into the gold-lit transhumanist dystopia of Deus Ex to do some more case solving and doorbell re-wiring.

Picking his way selectively through a varied smörgåsbord of gaming treats is our recently repatriated Tuffcub. His jet-lag having “been platinumed” he’s been playing Mercenaries 2: World in Flames, interspersed with the curious mix of Flying Hamster, Killzone 3, Plants Vs Zombies “which is becoming very boring” and the demo of From Dust.

[drop2]Kris has mostly been racing. Either finger-painting his way around the track with the “super addictive and very fun” DrawRace 2 on his iPhone or tearing up the fictional American tarmac in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. All that racing seems to be acting as a welcome diversion from the trials and tribulations of playing through The Baconing for review, which is “getting a little bit tedious.”

Time constraints have restricted my recent gaming to a little bit of multiplayer Civilization 5 and some A- and B-Spec Gran Turismo 5 with some online shuffle racing thrown in for good measure. I’ve not even had time to break open my copy of Star Fox so I’ll leave it to Jim to finish up as he was feeling wordy…

I started this week with a generous helping of Techland’s Dead Island. I’m a huge fan of zombie films, and after watching that iconic trailer a few more times leading up to Dead Island’s launch I decided to pick up a copy, turning down Insomniac’s supposedly better Resistance 3. I had been playing for a fair few hours until I ran into a nasty bug that has stopped me from playing since. With my save data in a mess, and story-related trophies refusing to unlock, I’m going to have to wait for a recovery patch before curb stomping another zombified holidaymaker.

Apart from DI it’s been a fairly quiet week having to balance college and part-time employment, though I made sure I had enough time to play and review Tecmo KOEI’s Champion Jockey. After getting my head around the myriad of control options and mechanics enjoyed it for a time, but the lack of an engaging gameplay model and the endlessly repetitive story mode started to put me off.

I also spent around an hour playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Ratchet Clank: All 4 One. I can already tell that it’s not really my cup of tea, but the blend of co-op gameplay with the Ratchet universe will surely haul in a number of avid supporters.

What tickled your gaming fancy this week?



  1. Been playing mostly Dead Island and F1 2010 in the last week. Dead Island is great fun but terribly buggy, I lost an hour of playtime as it woudn’t save my progress and the frame rate is shocking. Had zombie appear just in front of me too. It’s a mess but good fun smashing the zombies heads in. As for F1 it’s always good…

  2. Outside of the usual meets (MSA, Dirt3, SARPBC), I’ve been mostly playing Dead Island but I did play LBP2 for a few hours to play through the new move pack story and I also played a little bit of Racket Sports which I picked up really cheap last week. I also purchased Renegade Ops and From Dust on wednesday, but I’ve not actually got around to playing them yet … Dead Island is too much fun.

  3. Plants Vs Zombies, its so addictive…

  4. I have been playing DAO. I even reviewed it in TSA’s verdict. :)

    I tried From Dust and i liked it. It is very relaxing to play. I played the Ace Combat demo and it is enjoyable but the DFM is unnesseccary. Why can’t i just use the high accrutacy missles without using that.

  5. Been a quiet one for me, seem to be too tired every eve after work. Played two of the new Cakeling levels in LBP2 and messed with the paint mode-which is surprisingly good. I’m aiming to finish Deus Ex at wknd and then start R3.

  6. For me it’s been Resistance 3 SP and MP, and MTG 2012 with the new DLC this past Wednesday

  7. Dungeons of Dredmor, Heavy Rain, Killzone 2, Dead Nation, FIFA demo, Pro Evo demo, bemoaning the Irish rugby team’s ability to bottle it at EVERY World Cup.
    FIFA 12 demo vs. Pro Evo- Pro Evo seems more exciting now, while FIFA seems genuinely harder. I thought the defending in FIFA is now sublime, but Pro Evo is well and truly back on the heights it was in the PS2 era.
    FIFA vs. Pro Evo is gonna end in a high scoring draw, and I’m (and everyone else) the winner. :)

  8. Played FIFA demo, seems good but will take me a while to get into the changes, still a definite day 1. Nothing else to play now I’m interested in so finishing off the last couple of trophies for the international cricket platinum.

  9. Dead Island mostly after completing Resistance. Trying to get to grips with the new FIFA stuff atm and its not going too well :(

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