There Will Be No MW3 Prestige Edition

It seems that night vision goggles and RC cars are a thing of the past as Robert Bowling, of Infinity Ward, has confirmed that the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 will have no Prestige Edition.

When asked by Jaap Meesters, aka Paajnac, on Twitter if the next iteration of the popular franchise would have a Prestige Edition, Bowling replied, saying:

“There is no Prestige Edition, only a Hardened Edition for MW3.”

The Hardened Edition will include a one year membership to Call of Duty: Elite with access to all downloadable content and exclusive Elite content, a Steelbook case and a Limited Edition field journal.

MW3 will be released on November 8.

Source: Joystiq


  1. Giggity, Hardened, giggity. This means that Skyrim takes the award for the most expsenive edition of a game for this year. I am surprised that acti are not doing it. They usually do but i have noticed a lack of advertising which is odd as they tend to advertise a few months before release.

    • A lack of advertising?! You can’t walk through NYC without seeing the huge MW3 billboards in every Gamestop window. And they’ve been there for 2 months already.

      • Not everyone lives in NYC..? Here in Cardiff there is zero advertising, that I’ve seen anyways.

    • i think DiRT 3 a collectors edition for £300 :P. i don’t think that mw3 has had that little advertising. theirs been posters in every shop window and ads in every TV break. although there has been vastly more of advertising for battlefield 3.

    • I agree with you, no advertising… yet! They might start advertising once BF3 hits, I just feel that MW3 wont be as big as MW2

    • If I worked for ‘Call of Duty inc’ and I knew that my game was almost guarenteed to get a million sales day one and be voted game of the year I probably wouldn’t worry about wasting money on some stupid 30second adverts either ;)

  2. I dunno… I’m sure there might be a £200 version with a free Xbox 360 at some

  3. Good, I don’t think I could afford another Prestige edition.

  4. Awww, but I really wanted to give Activision more of my money

    • I’m currently looking for Activisions bank account details so I can deposit all of my savings into it

  5. I’m glad what with all the November releases. Plus, this makes the Hardened Edition great value….CoD Elite is like £60 for the year (I think), and 3 map packs at £11.99 is £35.97 (and there could be 4 as with Black Ops), so it’s a no brainer. And thanks to SpikeyMikey I saved 10% on the £79.99 price! :)

    • You can get it for £64.99 on Tesco Direct with the £10 off code

      • Just wondering, what is the £10 code? I’m in two minds about getting MW3 as I can never justify forking out for the DLC packs meaning I get left behind, but if I could get the game and all the DLC for £65 I’d be up for that.

      • Blimey, £64.99 is very cheap! What code it that please?

      • Bingo. Although do note: they take money straight away and if you get it delivered to store you may have to wait until 4pm on release date

      • Thanks guys. Think I’ll stick with my £71 for ease…plus I can stay at home and wait for it to arrive. Plus, Tesco seem to take most of my money in other ways, would rather give it to a videogames retailer! :)

      • I’m personally buying it from HMV with my 10% student discount ^.^

      • Given I have a Tesco 5 minutes away from where I live I’m going to opt for there I think :) Had no intention of buying Mw3 this year but I can’t say no to that price lol

      • Ordered :) I must admit, after seeing some of the spec ops footage, I really cannot wait now :D

  6. They obviously don’t want to split people away from Hardened edition which includes Elite, could imagine Presrige’s price if they included Elite?

    As it is Hardened seems good value for anyone who plays year round, which is millions of people

  7. 3shirts – I’m sure they’ll happily take a cheque. Or if you like I could pass along cash to them? ;)

  8. prestige never got me interested before. Im not a fan of statues and knick knacks. Those NVG’s would have been used once then never seen again lol. this is the first time ive gone hardened though. I normally get bog standard version

    • Was the sexual innuendo intended? ;)

      • lol I want to know wha the bog standard version is ;-) just so that I can compare.

    • Yeah, I did really want those night vision goggles though..

  9. Would never be able to afford some crazy price with a neat gadget anyway

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