TSA at EGX Video Diary: House Tour

Some people asked for a quick video tour of the house we’ve booked for TSA staffers during EGX. I don’t know why you wanted it but I can only imagine you’re all building TSA EGX house levels in LittleBigPlanet 2 or something. I’m not uploading blueprints though.

So, er, here it is. Beware, I swear a bit.

Keep letting us know what you want and I’ll keep trying to do it.



  1. But there are no Jammie Dodgers! You have to get some at some point, wouldn’t be TSA towers otherwise :P

  2. question is, where was chuck norris THIS time?

  3. Umm… wow!

    Those biscuits look tasty ;-)

    • I’m eating them right now. They’re yummy.

  4. TSA Cribs! We never saw in the fridge though. And you didn’t tell us about the magic happening.

  5. I want to see the entire TSA staff that are at the house to do the can can. It looks fairly decent the house but it has some glitches and virtually no gameplay. I shall give it a 2/10.

    Also can you send us a slice of pizza? ^_^

    • You just want to see something like a live, TSA version of the early days of the Playstation Home beta, when the public areas were just filled with lines of people doing the running man dance :D

      • Is that too much to ask for? :)

      • Oh, not at all. If anything, it should be a key part of any TSA event :) The people demand running man!

  6. Awww, i was expecting something less classy.

    but i guess its fun when the whole groups in.

  7. DO THIS NOW; Turn on the closed captioning and choose Transcribe Audio.

    • Haha brilliant. “Altered Justin” is one of my favourites.

    • Brilliant – I’m at work with a computer with no speakers, so I’ve no idea what the actual commentary is. However I think I could figure out “shital TV”.

    • I like when it said “badgering” when he looked at the bedroom.

    • Holy moly, the best one is “criminal conduct” when he loos in the bathroom. Hahahaha.

    • The unfaltering accuracy, when he mentions the streets not being paved with gold. It transposed “liars” into “lawyers” exactly right.

      And like nemesisND1derboy mentioned, I am worried about all the badgering that will be going on in the bedrooms. At this rate, you won’t get to the show… all be arrested for animal cruelty! I guess, not being Londoners, you have to bring your loved ones with you though…

    • Lmao.

    • i just watched the video dairy one with them on. its so funny “we shall praise Mr video content” and “persue billion piece special mighty animals”

    • X-D

  8. Re: The pic on the front page… you should have used Adam’s version! Haha.

  9. For a London house that’s quite nice; there are some terrible places available!

    Also, if it’s made by Apple, why does it transcend it’s generic name for that particular type of technology?

    • I also estimate you have about £6.70 in change, from this I deduce you spent £3.30 on Mentos, Werthers original and Sainsubry’s biscuits.

  10. How are you supposed to have a Zumba Fitness Dance-Off if there is no working TV in the whole building?

    • I’m hosting that at my place saturday night.

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