Marvel Looking For New Studio To Develop The Avengers

Marvel has confirmed that a video game tie-in for the company’s upcoming 2012 blockbuster, The Avengers, is still on the agenda, though after the recent closure of THQ Studio Austrialia it will fall into the hands of another development team.

The rights for a video game based on Marvel’s Avengers IP have reverted back to Marvel. The company is in early stages of exploring potential publishing and licensing opportunities.

Having published The Incredibly Hulk, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor: God of Thunder, and Captain America: Super Soldier, our money is on SEGA to pick up the pieces. However, it’s very unlikely that the chosen studio will start off from where THQ’s Brisbane division left the project.


Though we usually advise staying clear from nearly all video game/movie tie-ins, the studio’s FPS/RPG hybrid interpretation of the Avengers universe had us scooping our jaws up from the ground.

Source: Gamespot



  1. I really hope something can be done.. I really don’t like seeing things going to waste… particularly when they look this good!

  2. Hmm, the worrying thing is that if they do pick another studio to develop it in time for the release of the film next year and they don’t start from what’s already been done, it’ll likely be on a par with the usual film tie-ins.

    Real shame because the footage from THQ is really impressive.

    • Thats exactly what i was thinking.

  3. Isn’t the film out next summer, if so i predict a stinker of a game

  4. I do hope this turn out well, but i have to admit that the sentence “Having published The Incredibly Hulk” had me laughing my socks off! :D

    Not sure whether that says more about the typo or me though… :S

  5. I know there’s a lot of FPS-ing of franchises going on & often for the worse, but this looks interesting.

  6. It looks promising. Hopefully Marvel will pick a studio that will continue it and add some more Marvel charcters to play as. I really hope they don’t pick a studio that is known to do shoddy movie tie in games. I wonder if they will try to get a studio that has barely done any crappy games?

  7. I remember the Avengers and it was awesome (well it was a cartoon so I guess this is different?), I just know this will be wasted though… An Iron Man, Fantastic Four and maybe Thor done in the way of Hulk: Ultimate Destrution (Prototype Dev I believe?) and Batman: AA would do so much Justice than a shoddy game.

  8. I’m only familiar with The New Avengers with Joanna Lumley … sigh.. i had a huge crush on her as a kid :)
    Still the footage looks impressive.

  9. Hope they do a great job with it. Rather than rush it I hope they take their time. People will still buy it if it doesn’t release with the film.

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