New Screens for Sonic Generations

Sega has released some more screen shots of the upcoming Sonic Generations.

The majority of these screens depict Classic Sonic gameplay, but a couple do show Modern Sonic too.

Sonic Generations releases at some point in November 2011.

Source: via CVG


  1. At last, some screens that don’t look like that have just re-hashed the old Sonic games.

    • Haha… its quite nice how they’ve used the first stage of Sonic Heroes, hope it as the final…

  2. Looks pretty sweet to me. The (incomplete) demo level released months ago did admittedly dampen my enthusiasm for this game but I’m still convinced this will be the best Sonic game in years.

  3. Sonic Generations is released 4th November in Europe, 1st November for the US. Sega confirmed that a few weeks back.

  4. Ugh… I can’t wait, I really need to get the limited edition

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