TSA at EGX Video Diary: Day 0

So EGX starts tomorrow and as we mentioned some of us will be staying in London. 

We’ve bought ourselves a camera and the idea of a video diary came up, documenting our time together. “Oh” I thought, “That sounds like it could be a bit of a giggle.”

Then Peter arrived yesterday and gave us this video. I haven’t stopped laughing since. I wanted to write something else here but it’s simply impossible.

Just watch the video.

Watched it? Good. So… more of that soon then.



  1. If I’m not papped with a camera at some point your entire venture will be worthless.

  2. ;)

  3. I…I…O_o

  4. lol!

    • can you put female boobs on the next one? still have the image of peter in his head robe etched in my mind

      • so have i mate, more boobs required ;)

  5. It will be obvious from the comments who’s watched this and who hasn’t…

  6. *breathes*

  7. .. and suddenly I’m glad TSA Towers will only exist for a few days this week.

  8. Ha ha great start. Aren’t I supposed to give out the Werther’s!

    Have to say it is just a little bit weird seeing where that voice comes from. I have a feeling there maybe a few more moments like that over the coming weekend. Glad to see you haven’t been mugged/raped/stabbed as yet. It’s not all bad in London afterall.

    Hope everyone enjoys their weekend and I look forward to following all (maybe not all) of your exploits.

  9. Lol, short but the humour is spot on, hope the diary goes well…should be a blast ;)

    • Funny:) Looking forward to the rest of the series. Who needs eastenders, when you have tsa.

  10. :D

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