Second DCUO Expansion Dedicated To The Flash

There’s a lot going on with SOE’s action MMO, DC Universe Online (our review) at the moment. Just a month ago, endgame heroes and villains were suiting up to repel a Brainiac invasion from the iconic Fortress of Solitude, the game also receiving its first premium expansion titled Fight for the Light.

Centred around the Green and Yellow Lantern Corps, the DLC introduced a number of new locations as well as a new playable power in the form of Hardlight Constructs which, according to some TSA-friendly DCUO regulars, makes the combat more diverse and enjoyable. In a recent interview with Eurogamer DCUO executive producer Lorin Jameson discussed the transition to F2P, also confirming a second paid expansion.


We also have DLC 2 coming up. I can only say at this point it’s exciting. We’re focusing on The Flash for this DLC and it will be out before the end of the year.

Though we are keeping our fingers crossed, it’s very unlikely that this second expansion will ward in another additional power set or increased level cap. So far we do know that the expansion will take players back in time via the Cosmic Treadmill, allowing them to witness the origin story of the second Flash, Barry Allen (cheers Kev.)

Earlier this week it was also revealed that DC Universe Online would switch from a subscription-based business model to the more accessible, free-to-play format which supports micro transactions. Unlike most popular MMOs which have both premium and F2P membership options, DCUO seems fairer, only limiting certain in-game features such as Brokers (auction houses) and Leagues (guilds) instead of locking them out altogether.



  1. They confirmed on a webcast on Monday that the Flash DLC would revolve around the Cosmic Treadmill, which you will use to go back in time to explore Wally West’s origin story, and they’ll use it in future content to explore other character’s origins as well…

    • Cheers for the tip Kev, will but sure to tune into the podcast ;)

  2. Can’t wait for this to switch to the F2P model, do we have a timeframe on that?

    • Next month. Not sure whether EU players will get it any later than US players.

    • I agree. I tried the beta and found it very enjoyable. I loved City of Heroes and this gave me a console version. I just refuse to pay every month to play a game I have already bought. I also give Sony $50 a year to be a Plus member, which has been fantastic so far i.e. FREE PLANTS VS ZOMBIES!!! When this goes F2P, I might go grab a this game.

  3. Downloaded Fight for the Light last night, I’m looking forward to giving it a go over the weekend!

    • Did you have to pay for it? Couldn’t see it on the EU store…

      • No it was free. It was on the store for me, but when I loaded my game it asked me to download again and I had to restart my ps3, so I would recommend just putting your disc in and following the prompts there instead.

  4. Boo!!! I thought you meant Flash Gordon. If this had Ming, Dale, Brian Blessed and the Hawkmen I’d be in!

  5. lol.F2P is ok but I dont want my characters to be in accessible, I have 7. Free players only get 2. Premium gets 8, but then I would have to buy the Lantern DLC that I have already completed 50% of and level 15 lantern toon

    • Do you have to buy the DLC if you have already downloaded it? I was under the impression it was free.

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