TSA at EGX Video Diary: Day 1

So here we are. People finally arrived so I didn’t have to make more weird videos. Unfortunately, the people that arrived were Josh and Kris so weirdness is still assured. We took a rambling, bizarre video at 2AM after several beers, while waiting for our pizza to be delivered.

It’s probably not the most coherent video but this is probably the level of professionalism you can expect, at least from the video diaries. We will post some video from the dev sessions we’re allowed to film at as well as the odd interview.

Okay, I’ll stop waffling, here’s the weirdness.

So, there you go. Our pizza finally arrived an hour after we ordered it. That guy didn’t get a tip. More soon.



  1. God…if only I had the right to view Youtube…

  2. its like the podcast.. but with moving things… and more swearing… I like!

  3. Crumbs. Good job I packed Monopoly.

    • i was bringing lots of random food tomorrow in my bag, i’ll willingly donate the packet of bakewell tarts I brought from Lidl earlier, just so they have some kind of entertainment..

  4. empty beers? where are your ‘current’ beers? eh? EH?! ;)

    • im glad you didnt tip the pizza guy!

    • Empty beers (one each, presumably) and at least ten minutes passed without anyone opening fresh beers. Disgraceful! Sort it out lads.

  5. Cue more unintentional closed-caption hilarity. “It’s like, fuck off, one of these men is one forty seven”. Riiiight.

  6. Damn being at work right now instead of chilling in TSA Towers.

  7. So you actually edited it Josh? Did the original include the act of phoning for said pizza? ;-)

  8. I came into Uni to watch this and see what I’m in for. I’ll see you tomorrow at 7am :)

  9. Nice crotch close up at the end. You could have played spin the bottle to make the diary more exciting. ;)

  10. awesome video diary! no, seriously though thats ten minutes i’ll never get back. ;>)

    • Ten minutes??? you kid…..? awesome, if only I could watch it now >_>

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