TSAsian Wins As Drake

TheSixthAxis stalwart and general legend, Kevatron400, has been hanging out with the crew at the Eurogamer Expo. Dressed as Nathan Drake. It’s not only the half-tuck and the special made leatherette shoulder holster though, Kev also has Nathan Drake’s actual face.

He’s so similar to the Naughty Dog star that Nolan North himself picked him out of a lineup of dress-alikes as the most similar-looking. Kev won a PlayStation Vita (when they’re released) for his face. A brand new handheld console just for having the good fortune to be as ruggedly handsome as a man created by artists to be ruggedly handsome. We’re not jealous at all.

Here’s the picture:

Where's my Vita?



  1. But is a Vita worth all that surgery?

  2. I slept with him last night.

    • Didn’t we all?

    • I slept with Chloe last night. :D This is the site where we share stories about who we slept with right? :op

      • *sigh*

      • I slept with my Mrs last night, and out of all those options, she’s the one I would’ve chosen. I don’t sleep with pixelated people, that’s just plain weird.

      • And I slept with Josh. Oh dear…

      • I slept with my pillow… how cool is that?

      • We all enjoy sleeping with the cool side of the pillow.

      • Those weren’t pillows

    • I slept with everyone staying at this house last night – I’m classing it as rent.

  3. congrats kev for the vita! =D very similar to the original i must say…

  4. Fanboy.

  5. Aw shucks. Thanks guys. My pal Nolan says hi.

    • Nice tag ;)

    • Well done! Can I ask about the blueness of your bar? lol, sorry..

      • You can, but only if I may enquire as to the nature of your bacony nuts.

      • Okay, two options, 1) I am nuts about bacon, 2) Nuts are made of bacon. The first is self explanatory, the second is a lie and worrying. Still don’t know myself which one it actually means..

      • Nuts embroidered with bacon?

      • Nuts only _appearing_ after consuming bacon?

      • Nuts as flat as a bacon slic… OK enough

      • As nice as chatting about my nuts is, I’m not a little worried.. :P

      • *now. ugh.

    • Was in the comp too. Was the taller “Drake” that was with Sully (who is Wilbossman on here!). As soon as we saw Kev 2 things happened. 1. We knew the winner…. and 2. We all got a bit turned on (as did 99% of the womenfolk there!).

      Congratulations Kev, thoroughly deserved. For now I shall just covet my lovely signed Uncharted 3 journal and photo with Nolan!

  6. But can he act?! If so lets get a petition going, Kevatron400 as nathan drake in the movie :P

  7. Congrats Kev, now retreat to a cave to avoid getting mugged by Peter and co. :p Or abuse your likeness to Drake and get anything free. Including Chloe. ;)

    • now steven, we talked about this, Chloe is a virtual character.

      • *grabs guns and points it at Shep* She is real and if she isn’t then TSA Towers shall burn to the ground and taking out everyone with it. :p Although Miranda from ME2 may give Chloe a run for her money in the ass department. :p i really need to get out more. :-/

      • Tsa towers also isn’t real. Neither is Miranda. You definitely do need to get out more!

      • haha tony, he’s stressed as he can’t find a job, what can you expect? :L

      • He will grow out of puberty one day, hopefully.

      • Yes Moshi!

  8. Brilliant. I must say, you do look a lot like him.

  9. Awesome, well done kev! :)

  10. Erm….did you get a call yet for the role in the film kev?

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