First Syndicate Trailer Released

Anyone thinking that the recent FPS reboot of Syndicate might look a little bit like Deus Ex will feel especially vindicated by the first trailer: it does.

There’s lots of bloom lighting, men in long coats, neon lighting and – well, shooting.  Sometimes with bendy bullets – which is lovely but, you know, I quite liked the old Syndicate.


Still, bang bang sells, right?



  1. for a generic future fps, it looks, well, a bit meh actually.
    for a syndicate sequel?
    oh god no.
    it’s nice they’re reusing some ideas from mirror’s edge, but that not frakking syndicate.
    why not use those idea in the mirror’s edge sequel that people actually do want rather than desecrating the corpse of a once beloved franchise with a title that just doesn’t suit it.

    it’s not such a bad case of bandwagon hopping as the so called “X-Com” game, but still, it’s not syndicate.

    i expect Deus Ex does everything this game will do, and a lot better i’d bet.

    • bet you somebody turns chess into an fps before the end of 2012.

  2. Here come the wave of renaissance, sci-fi themed clones. Everything in that trailer made me think Deus Ex and Halo: Reach :P.

  3. there’s a trend in video game trailer score going on…

  4. It looks quite interesting, but to all the people saying it’s not “Syndicate” I’m not sure how that would work in this day and age. It was spot on the first time, so time for a new direction perhaps?

  5. Reminds anybody of Mirror’s Edge a bit much…?

  6. I love my FPS’s and i have to say this looks like it will be a cool experience, even though it won’t have a patch on the original but as matthangzhou say’s maybe it is time for new direction.

  7. Think I stick with Deus Ex thank you.

    • Deus Ex WISHES it had a dub step trailer.

  8. While it looks hmm… intriguing, I think they should have gone with a different name or a subtitle of the Syndicate name to avoid direct comparisons but denoting the same universe/ideas.
    Part of me thinks that even the name, Syndicate, seems to have lost its meaning here.

  9. Never played the original game, but I quite like the looks of this. I hope it still has a great story, instead of being dumbed down just because it’s now a FPS.

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