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Right, lets make this clear from the start. I’m not interested in what you have to say about Syndicate from 1993. It may well have been a good game, I don’t know given that was six at the time. And no, I don’t want to hear about Syndicate Wars either.

What I do want to hear about is that Syndicate game EA put out back in February of this year, the reboot that seemed to make people a little concerned when it was announced. The real question is was that concern warranted, or did developer Starbreeze manage to pull off something special when EA tasked them with bringing the IP back from the dead.

Back in our review of the game’s single player campaign Dan wasn’t all that sure that Starbreeze had really pulled off a successful resurrection of the series. Whilst he was impressed with the enemy manipulation options presented by the game’s DART 6 system, he felt that it struggled to stand out in an increasingly crowded FPS genre. In particular the linear nature of the game and the extreme repetitiveness left a lot to be desired, even when measured against other FPS titles with their increasingly linear structure. In summing up his single player review he had the following to say:

The Syndicate single player campaign feels wasted as a FPS. Forgive me if that sounds elitist, it’s not meant to be, but the potential is there for something in the vein of Mass Effect, where you travel to different locations, recruiting agents and taking down corporations. As it stands we have a solid FPS game that, although bringing a couple of nice ideas, struggles to rise above average.

So with Dan’s disappointment dealt with it’s time to turn things over to you; just how did you feel about the game? Did you love the DART 6 system? Maybe the game’s DART Overlay, with its enemy highlighting and time slowing abilities, appealed to you. Of course it’s equally possible that you swung in the complete opposite direction and failed to be impressed by the title. Did you feel that Dan got it spot on when he said the game was wasted as an FPS, would you have preferred a more open title?

No matter where you fall on the spectrum of feelings towards that Syndicate reboot we’d love to hear what you think of the game. All you need to do to share your thoughts is drop a comment below containing your thoughts on the FPS. Whether you love it, hate it or are simply indifferent towards it we want to hear from you.

Once you’ve got your thoughts on the game written out make sure you attach a rating to it. Rather than a numerical rating all you need to do is pick on of the following categories: Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It or Avoid It. Just select one of those ratings and attach it to your comment.

If you’re taking part make sure you get everything done by Sunday afternoon, because at that point I’ll start writing Monday’s verdict article.



  1. Will be watching this keenly. Loved the co-op demo but didn’t buy due to sixthaxis review of the SP campaign.

  2. I’m playing it atm and i actually think it’s pretty good. The linearity hasn’t bothered me at all and i find the abilities really work well aongside the weapons. I love the attention to detail with the backstories and info for each syndicate but i find the text abit fuzzy to read comfortably and that’s my only criticism so far, about quarter way through the game. I was fortunate to pick this up really cheap but if i thought i would enjoy it this much i would have paid full price. Buy It.

    • I also have to agree with the text.

  3. Yay you used my choice for WeView, Im going through this game at the moment and its quite addicting. Love the way you can make the AI commit suicide and make their guns to backfire on them. Controls can be a bit of a pain in the arse sometimes especially when in a big firefight. But i would definatly say Buy It.

  4. Can’t review this fairly as I’ve only played the demo but I watched a couple of my mates play through the co-op. Pretty game (albeit with some vastly overdone lighting effects!), with some interesting twists to the FPS genre thrown in for good measure. It’s getting cheap these days so, again from what I’ve seen, I think it’s worth a buy.

  5. Syndicate is a fairly good game. It has some breath taking environments, and some realistic and believable characters. However, as you venture on, the environments do get a bit repetitive and the controls are a bit of a pain, and the ending was very predictable. But overall, this game wasn’t as bad as I expected. The DART-6 had some very fun features, like making an enemy shoot himself. But from me, it’s a BARGAIN BIN IT.

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