WeView Verdict: Syndicate

Whilst El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron may not have got much of a response from the community, it still managed to out perform the response to Syndicate. It seems not many of you cared about EA’s reboot of the series, with just four of you weighing in this time round, quite possibly the lowest number of participants we’ve ever had. I won’t let that deter me, although the result of this week’s WeView probably won’t be quite as representative of the communities view as other weeks are.

First of the four to the step up the plate this week was TSBonyman, who is actually in the midst of playing the game right now. They seem to be enjoying their playthrough, and aren’t all that bothered by the game’s linear nature. In particular they highlighted “the attention to detail with the backstories” as being worthy of praise, although  they did “find the text abit fuzzy to read comfortably.”

They also stated that “the abilities really work well aongside the weapons,” something that came up a lot.

[drop2]Next up to the plat was doomsday619, who was particularly pleased that I selected their suggestion for this week’s WeView. Like TSBonyman, they’re also playing through the game right now and found it equally worthy of praise. They “Love the way you can make the AI commit suicide and make their guns to backfire on them,” clearly those special abilities from the DART-6 system make all the difference with the game.

However, like TSBonyman they found one aspect of the game that irritated them, the controls. They found that the “Controls can be a bit of a pain in the arse sometimes especially when in a big firefight.”

Now, next is Eldave0 who I’m including despite only having played the the game’s demo. To be fair they’ve also watched a bit of the co-op, adding a little more weight to their comments. Whilst they praised the game’s looks, they did feel that the lighting effects were a little over the top. In their rather brief opinion of the game they concluded that by saying that they felt the game brought “some interesting twists to the FPS genre”.

Last to pop up with their thoughts on the game was Pritchie101. Whilst they were were hardly negative about the game, they weren’t quite as positive as our other participants saying the “game wasn’t as bad as I expected,” and again selected the ability to manipulate enemies as a high point for the game. They also said that the game “has some breath taking environments”, but felt that they do become a bit repetative.

Now let’s turn to our verdict, and it’s an easy one to sum up. Of our four participants, one plumped for Bargain Bin It, whilst the other three selected Buy It. Fairly clean cut I feel.

Finally, remember that if you’ve got a game that you’d like to see covered for WeView just drop a comment below and I’ll consider it.



  1. As you;re going for niche titles these days – Uncharted: (Miss) Golden Abyss.

  2. My first playthrough of Syndicate was very frustrating, the controls were difficult to work with and the hacking (the best part) wasn’t available half as often as you’d want it to be. I pushed through and completed it and gave the multiplayer a pretty good hammering. Having streams of enemies to plough through, along with some pretty good team play was a revelation. For me, they should have put much more effort into the multiplayer side; if it had been built from the ground up with a Left 4 Dead drop-in drop-out system (and some better maps) then it really would have been an excellent game. If it drops to around the £15 (or if you don’t mind second hand) I’d glady recommend it to everyone.

  3. Cheers for this piece, may well have a look for this in town later since I enjoyed the co-op demo. Have we done Dark Souls yet?

  4. Funnily enough I was waiting for the response before bargain binning it!

  5. Either Dark Souls, Darkness II, or Asura’s Wrath. I’m positive that Dark Souls would get a collective verdict of “Buy It” but the remaining two games I’ve been holding out on as to see what the general consensus for them would be.

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