WeView Verdict: El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

When I picked El Shaddai for WeView Dan immediately tweeted me saying how pleased he was. He really does rate this game, and was keen for it to get more exposure. Sadly, it seems like he’s one of a handful on TSA who’ve actually played the game, as this was perhaps our lowest participancy WeView ever. Just five of you weighed in with your opinion of the game, and two of those won their copy in a competition we ran a while back.

Amongst those who won their copy was Origami Killer, one of the most regular contributors to WeView; I can only assume the man has a gigantic games library. Much like we did in our review of the game, Origami Killer picked out the game’s art style and 2D platforming sections as being worthy of praise, but felt the combat let the game down.

[drop2]Whilst combat was “…was really enjoyable at first…” he found that “…it becomes repetitive very early on…”, largely due to the limited choice in weaponry. However, he concludes by saying that if you can “Get past the repetitive nature of the combat…” then you will “…adore the art style and enjoy the game.”

Sitorimon was less conditional in their praise of the game, saying that they were “… blown away with the beautiful visuals…” and also highlighted the “…the abstract, very anime way they basically converted a Bibley story into having Lucifer chatting away on his mobile to God.” I have to admit, that does actually sound pretty good to me, perhaps someone should do an entire anime adaptation of the whole Bible.

Interestingly Sitorimon finished off by saying the game is one you “…play for the overall experience, not for the revolutionary gameplay,” which is perhaps one of the most insightful comments I’ve seen on WeView in a while.

Next up we come to something interesting, two people who don’t actually own the game. Normally I’d exclude these, but with such low numbers I’m throwing them in this week as an exception. Mickey2010 played the game at his brothers and said that El Shaddai “…looked fantastic! The styling of the game was brilliant,” but would have preferred it if the game had stuck to 2D, rather than switching about.

Hazelam was the other participant this week who didn’t buy the game, playing the demo instead. It seems she didn’t really enjoy the game, saying that “It has a fantastic style, but it just seemed a little too trippy to me.” However, she does concede that “Maybe the full game would provide some sort of explanation of just what was going on, or even a little bit of context.” She did go onto say that the gameplay seemed solid, even if it wasn’t to her taste.

Finally we turn to the shortest comment on this week’s WeView which comes from another TSAer who won their copy of the game. Tanzil weighed in very briefly to say this about the game:

It was enjoyable. Worth a shot.

That seems pretty reflective of the mood of our five participants this week as well. Whilst Buy It picked up a single vote, both Bargain Bin It and Rent It came in with two each. It’s worth noting that Tanzil split their vote between Bargain Bin It and Rent It though, which probably just pushes Rent It ahead the tiniest amount. Regardless of that, it’s probably not quite worth buying El Shaddai at full price if the community is anything to go by.

If you have any suggestions for games that might pull in a few more participants make sure you drop a comment below.



  1. Why not do a Sydicate one.

  2. I won el shaddai in a TSA comp its not a bad game but not one i would have gone out and brought normally it did get a bit repetitive too. I would have said bargin bin it.

  3. WOO! BRIEFEST COMMENT! I’d say rent it if it’s more than a tenner in the bins. just to clarify.

  4. Picked this up for £7. Looking forward to trying it.

    • Where from & is it still £7 now??

      • Amazon during their boxing day sale.

      • Ah.

        Most likley not £7 now then… Unless their sale goes on for a really, really long time! :S

  5. This has been on my rental list for a while now. It sounds intreguing but I’m in no rush to play it.

  6. though i didn’t enjoy it all that much, i still have to give credit to the developers for trying something a bit different, when everybody seems to be jumping on the COD bandwagon it’s good that there are still people taking a few risks.

    as for suggestions of future subjects for a WeView.

    firstly there’s Xenoblade Chronicles, though what with that being a Wii game, and not the easiest one to find it might not get a lot of responses.

    also, if it hasn’t been featured before, there’s Just Cause 2, that should get a few responses.

  7. SO need this game..

  8. I agree with doomsday619, I’d like to see Syndicate on WeView! :)

    • i wouldn’t mind seeing people’s views on the syndicate game either.

  9. thanks for the mention, lol I have a fair few games :L I might try and find it cheap and play it again :)

  10. Loving my genderlessness

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