WeView: El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

This week we’re taking a look at something that is, quite frankly, beautiful. Taking out aliens in Resistance 3 is all well and good, but it just doesn’t look as pretty as crushing fallen angels in El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron.

Whilst there’s obviously more to the game than how it looks, it certainly does seem to be one of the most commented upon areas of El Shaddai, and with good reason. The art style employed by Ignition Tokyo really is rather wonderful, and certainly a brave direction in an era where realism seems to be the buzzword.

However, it’s probably worth commenting on some other aspects of the 2D/3D hybrid title. It was Dan who took the reviewing duties for this title, and putting aside the game’s graphical style (something he was impressed by) he was reasonably happy with the game, scoring it at 7/10.

In particular he picked out the 2D sections and the game’s combat as being worthy of praise, but felt that the camera in the 3D sections of the game was a real hindrance. He also felt the limited enemies and re-use of boss fights really let the game down.

Overall he had this to say about the game:

When it all clicks El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron is a beautiful, exciting, fast paced game that is bursting with ideas. Unfortunately the latter half of the game fails to recreate the initial rush and the 3D platforming mechanics aren’t particularly strong, leading to much frustration.

Is it worth playing? Absolutely, just don’t expect perfection.

So that’s the question then, is it worth playing? Dan seems to think so, but what’s your opinion? Did you enjoy the religious tone of the story, or did it turn you off the game completely? Did you adore the art style, or was it more a case of enduring it? Did those pesky 3D sections really put you off the game? Maybe you just didn’t enjoy the combat as much as Dan.

Whatever your feelings on the game are you’re more than welcome to share them with the community; all you need to do is write them out into some form of coherent comment below.

Once you’ve worked out the text bit of your opinion remember that it needs a rating. Rather than a numeric scale, WeView employs the Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It or Avoid It rating system. All you need to do is decide which one of those categories best fits your opinion of the game and add it to your comment. I’ll then go through all the ratings, add them up and work out what the community’s overall verdict was.

If you feel like taking part, please remember that you need to have your opinions in by Sunday afternoon at the latest. Any later than that and I’ll have started writing the article, likely leaving your thoughts out of the final article.



  1. Another game that I need..

    the pain.. buy it.. *muhaha!

  2. Erm.. anyone actually buy it? Hello? Anyone?


    • It’s always been one i was mildly interested in, but nothing has pushed me into the ‘must get it’ category as yet – I was hoping for a few positives in a Weview, but it does seem a bit quiet around these here parts.

  3. bargain bin/rent it. I won it in the TSA comp a while back. It was enjoyable. worth a shot.

  4. Was thinking of buying this on monday along with Dynasty warriors gundam 3. Decided to play demo & i thought i was high. Graphically amazing & was very enjoyable. Ordered off amazon along with New vegas ultimate & okaminden :D.

    • For me i feels like one of these games i will love but not many others will & sale wise it’s very poor even know reviews where pretty good.

      Other examples are like binary domain, Asura’s wrath, twisted metal even :/.

      3D dot game heroes is another. I was bloody lucky to snap up a UK/EU version from grainger games as the only ever had one copy in o.O

  5. I also won this in a TSA comp.

    Wonderful art style and loved the 2-D plat-forming sections. The combat was really enjoyable at first too. However, it becomes repetitive very early on, for most of it you have only 3 different weapons to utilize in combat. Also the 3D plat-forming sections are made frustratingly annoying by the camera angle and are simply put as nothing special, if not a little boring. There is not enough of the 2D parts which are much better. On top of that the story is well a little confusing, bit of an understatement there.
    Get past the repetitive nature of the combat and you will adore the art style and enjoy the game. But it gets a RENT IT from me.

  6. i only know who the Metatron in because of that Kevin Smith movie Dogma.
    that was a cool film.


    i only ever played the demo of this, but i can’t say i really enjoyed it.
    it has a fantastic style, but it just seemed a little too trippy to me.
    maybe the full game would provide some sort of explanation of just what was going on, or even a little bit of context.

    i didn’t enjoy it, but the gameplay seemed to work pretty well it just wasn’t to my tastes.

    so i’d say rent it, you might well enjoy it a lot.

    • No way, me too!

      Oh, and a recent game that was crazy, involving a Black Monolith that isnt Space Odyssey, that TSA didn’t review O______O.

  7. Buy It, Buy It, Buy It!!! I was blown away with the beautiful visuals and the abstract, very anime way they basically converted a Bibley story into having Lucifer chatting away on his mobile to God. I enjoyed the gameplay – just every once in a while the camera’s would obscure the 3D platform sections. It’s definitely one of those games that you play for the overall experience, not for the revolutionary gameplay. Although the fight where one of your rivals puts you off by dancing right in front of the screen is utter genius.

    • So as you clearly have the most love for it around here, i will pose my questions to you good sir! :)

      Firstly, is it more combat, or more platformer? Or a pleasant mix of both, with them being generally equally weighted?

      Secondly, is it a long game? If it is repetitive (which some have mentioend) as well as long, i think that could easily turn some people off.

      I realy do like the art style of it & might pick it up for a blast but need to check it is not all style & no substance! :)

  8. I dont have the game but played abit at my brothers! but from the bit i played it looked fantastic! the styling of the game was brilliant! BUT i would of prefereed if the game was in FULL 2D as those sequences were more enjoyable..Bargain Bin It

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