The Hoff Dresses Like a Cheerleader in the Latest Burnout Crash! Trailer

I’m going to be honest, I haven’t slept for about 36 hours now, so there’s every chance I might be imagining this. It looks like David Hasselhoff has dressed up as a cheerleader to try out Burnout Crash! using Kinect.

We reviewed the game a while back, although Al wasn’t dressed as a cheerleader. Well, that’s what he tells us.

Source: YouTube



  1. MY EYES!

  2. err ok what the hell did i just watch ???


  3. better with kinect….. ooooooh

  4. Ok, the first one was weird enough (with the Hoff dressed as a stuntman), but that one questions the fabric of reality!!

    Either way, i am not totally sure how i feel about it.

  5. Dan, GO TO SLEEP NOW! :)

    What i have seen can’t be unseen.*self harms*<<<wow, i seem to have become addicted with self harming myself. :p

    It's still not a proper Burnout game though.

  6. erm, wow? o_____o

  7. Well this disproves my theory that putting The Hoff in anything makes it epic

  8. lol that’s funny, but it doesn’t make the game any better…

  9. What the, I don’t even…

  10. Is it better with Kinect, is it really?

    • Apparently so, Although I can’t actually confirm this as I will never buy one.

    • It’s actually better with bacon.

      • Everything is apparently. I wouldn’t know about that though, as i don’t really like bacon.

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