Burnout Crash! Heading to iOS

The general consensus when Burnout Crash! was revealed was that the game looked like it would be suited to iOS. Well guess what? That’s where it’s heading. As one would expect, steering is done via left and right swipes, with screen taps triggering explosions. No price has been set yet.

The Hoff demands you play this.

Source: VG247



  1. I’ll pick this up on iOS. Won’t be long after release and it will drop to 69p.

    • Good point, I’ll keep my open for a bargain too.

  2. Any news on an Android version?

  3. Excellent!

  4. it does look like it would work well on a touch screen device.

  5. I love this game. I spent 4 hours the other day beating scores set by Crazy_del. 2 minutes later he’d beat me again. Soooooo addictive.

    • Same, and same with the trying to beat Crazy_del!

      Love the game, it is never easy to put down though, as a number of late arrivals to the pub last weekend were testament to!

  6. Looked like a game that was designed for iOS in the first place. Wasn’t that impressed with it on the PS3

  7. I like it on the PS3, but it is equally annoying and addictive.
    I’m VERY into it for 15 minutes at a time.

    Still hoping for a decent Burnout game with a full-fledged regular Crash mode.
    (Even an HD remake would be brilliant)

  8. Wasn’t impressed with this game, very annoying and would grow bored with it very quickly. But it would b better suited as a phone game.

  9. BTW, for anyone who wants more Autolog challenges, feel free to add me.

  10. Found the demo irritating on the PS3, would work much, much better on iOS i think. I’d be willing to try again with the different control scheme.

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