PSN Exclusive ‘OKABU’ Dated

HandCircus has revealed the US release date for PSN exclusive, OKABU. It’s out on October 18th, and a demo will also be made available for those wishing to try the game out first.

OKABU sees you take control of cloud-riding heroes as you utilize their powers to save their people and their world from the industrialized threat of the Doza.


This involves solving lots of puzzles, and tackling challenges. It even features co-op play. Check out the trailer below.

Source: US PS Blog



  1. Dont know where to post this or how to contact anyone and sorry for bein off topic, but i was just down at my local blockbuster and they have published a release for mass effect 3 something like 22nd of november! The date came from there headoffice. Sorry again for off topic and if this is mentioned else where, although i did look briefly.

    • Well they’re wrong, it got pushed back until March 2012

      • That is what i thought, nevermind

      • In the meantime, there’s always this ‘ere Okabu game. Not quite ME3, but it’s got little cloud riding people.

      • Can you play a Fem Cloud, would be a bit closer to ME then.

  2. My most wanted game from E3. I can barely contain my excitement.

    Not sarcasm*

    • Does that mean there is sarcasm? (always hard to tell)

      I’m not saying there’s no reason you shouldn’t look forward to this. I’ll stop.

      For me it’s like. Mix between Patapon, Locoroco and Katamari. And Japanese.

      • Yeah, it’s why I wrote it after my first sentence could be perceived as sarcasm. So no, no sarcasm intended. :)
        Your final sentence is all the ingredients to my excitement.

      • And those are the 4 reasons I want it.

  3. October 18th… I want it NOW!! :)

  4. Erm, no comment.

  5. I normally like quirky games or can at least appreciate them but this just makes me go O_o;;;

  6. Cant wait. Quirky games FTW! Makes up half my collection

  7. Yep, time to up my meds.

  8. This looks… Awesome!

    I want it.

  9. One for me,

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