OKABU Gets a Launch Trailer

PSN title OKABU is released today, and as such has received a launch trailer. Taking control of cloud riding heroes, you must solve a number of puzzles to stop the Doza tribe.

It looks crazy! Curious? Then you’ll be pleased to know a demo will be made available.

Source: US PS Blog



  1. OMG. Why did I not know about this game. Looks amazing.

  2. Been keeping my eye on this one, so I’ll be nabbing the demo from the Store tonight.

  3. Well, that looks a little bit crazy! In a good way of course! :)

    Although i was reminded of a different game when he dragged the bomb to the door, but i just cant remember what game it was! :S

  4. Looks nice will be getting the demo…

  5. Played the US demo just, I’ve never smiled so much playing a game.

  6. It looks good, but out there.
    I’ll definitely be trying the demo.

  7. Will definitely try out the demo for this.

  8. day 1 – i’ve drooled since the announcement!

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