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Nintendo’s New Wii Loses GameCube Compatability

Hidden away in a press release announcing that the Mario and Sonic 2012 Olympics game will be available in a bundle with a blue Wii – available November 18th, bundle fans – Nintendo has revealed that it will be starting to remove GameCube backwards compatibility from the console.

The “reconfigured” Wii (Nintendo’s words, not ours), which has only been announced as part of this bundle so far, will no longer support either GameCube software or accessories. The boxart for the bundle also shows the console in a horizontal position, compared to it’s vertical stance on all other boxes, with the on-console labels all rotated accordingly – given the lack of a stand on the art, it looks like that is being removed from the new bundle as well.

These changes, combined with the fact no price has yet been announced for the bundle, seems to suggest that Nintendo are planning a budget-friendly price cut for the Wii just ahead of Christmas.

On a related note, am I the only one that thinks it’s weird for the Olympic game to be released eight months before the actual Olympic Games even starts?

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  1. Well although im sure they’re doing this to play on the potential ignorance of their target audience. I think its a little sad because of that, and because the GC had some awesome games, arguably of a better general quality than the content available on the Wii.

    • When I read the title, I thought it had already been reported on a few months back. Do you guys think we’re going senile? ;)

  2. Now Sega will have to release Sonic Adventure 2 online.. *cough*

  3. It does seem a bit strange to release the olympic game this early, although i would much prefer codemasters to release the new F1 game somewhere around the first 3 races of the F1 season instead of towards the end,,,they could update the games team and drivers stats as the season unfolds, anyway….Pitty about the gamecube bits missing from this new wii though…..there are quite a few good gaming gems to be found on the old gamecube….and as a plus point, the graphics look the same as wii games lol.

  4. Odd about the stand, although I always thought it looked better horizontal and standless, so i’m more than cool with that. Seems fine to me if they make it clear it doesn’t have backwards compatibility, no small print. If it makes it cheaper then that’s cool. It’ll end up being £50 or something insanely low.. (a bit of an exaggeration, maybe..)

  5. As long as some update doesnt remove it from the current wii’s then I dont mind so much :)

  6. Glad I got mine a couple of months ago then, wouldn’t have bought it if it didn’t have GC compability.

  7. They still lasted longer than Sony and to a lesser extent Microsoft.

  8. Shame, the Gamecube was an awesome little console so its sad to see them ditching it :( Still, I got a 50quid Wii this week to play all my favourite Cube games so I don’t care :D

  9. Ninty is probably planning HD releases of their own for the Wii U. And this would be to “remove costs” (they already have the software needed but I’m guessing this means the disc-tray won’t have to be able to spin both ways?) on the new “cheapo-wii” and to increase the interest in HD GC games as fewer people would be able to just buy the old games.

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