Resistance 3 Competition Results

On Saturday night, under the cover of darkness, TSA’s Resistance cell met. A bit of live fire practice was on the cards, to settle the little matter of who was the best Resistance 3 player here.

Unfortunately a couple of contenders had to drop out at the last minute, perhaps intercepted en route by Chimeran drop ships? I guess we’ll never know.

Proceedings got underway with Team Deathmatch, and since I was not in attendance myself, I’m lucky enough to have been able to dig up some witness accounts:

Origami Killer:

“As soon as we entered the lobby we were all intimidated by gtaman7’s rank of 58! The first TDM round was really fun, everyone managed to rack up a fair few kills. It became apparent that gtaman and topgearsam were having a field day with their shotguns and Molotovs, setting everyone and the whole map on fire, literally!”


“I managed to hold on to 3rd or 4th throughout, even when I kept getting so many assists, but I wasn’t able to get close to the score gtaman7 was able to get, I think he got around 34 kills in the first match alone.”

With such a high level, gtaman wasn’t very likely to be a push over, and he had a pretty commanding points lead from the first round. Then disaster struck for gtaman:

“During the second round, for some unknown reason, I got disconnected from PSN and lost all of my points for that particular round. So I made it my goal to make up the points in the second part of the competition.”

The next round after a minor team reshuffle was Capture the Flag, which is a pretty tricky game type in Resistance 3, where the flag bearer cannot use his weapons or even sprint! So some good covering fire, luck and a few ounces of cunning tactical nous are the order of the day. Sam may have been lacking a bit of luck:

“Instead of going for the kills I instead tried to go for the flag which didn’t end well for me since 10 metres away from capturing the flag I would be killed only for someone else to pick it up and capture it instead.”

Those flags were worth a very tasty 300 points, and with the points from kills halved to 50, it was certainly worth grabbing a flag if you could make it home in one piece!

Here’s what Origami Killer recalls of the tense CTF rounds:

“My team stormed the first round with a 3-0 victory, thanks to good cooperation. The second round was much closer with the opposing team edging it to a 3-1 victory, I was lucky to capture one flag for our team. “

Heading into the final round, a single 10 minute period of plain, free for all Deathmatch, a little rivalry was simmering between Origami and gtaman. Both had pulled away from the rest over the first four rounds and though Origami had a lead over gtaman, the latter’s impressive skills shown in TDM could maybe bring him back into contention.

I’ll let the following scoreboard photo do all the speaking on how close this contest was (Origami goes by Storm48 on PSN):

Not only was it just a single kill between the top two spots, but also three people tied on 14 kills each, differentiated only by their number of deaths! Talk about close!

Totting up the points tallies from all the rounds, the top three players were:

  • Origami Killer – 9380
  • gtaman7 – 8440
  • topgearsam – 7010

The rest of the field didn’t really have much of a look in, and apologies for focusing so heavily on the top three. They all put in some good solid performances on the day, They were just completely undone by Origami and gtaman zipping off into the distance.

Origami won the Resistance: A Hole in The Sky novel, whilst the top three all won a Resistance 3 T-shirt. There were two more T-shirts on offer, and so the last dished were dished out at random to Tom_Lord and Roynaldo. Congratulations to all five of them.

Before you go, just a quick reminder that the F1 2011 Championship is open for entries until the end of Wednesday. Last year’s was by far one of the most popular competitions we’ve run, so get your name down toot sweet!


  1. Great little competition though giving everyone full access to the weapon wheel made it somewhat unbalanced. Hopefully we’ll have something similar with Uncharted 3 :)

    • Oh yeh, that second round of CTF was intense!

  2. Really wished I could have been their :(

    • Really wished you could have been their…what?

      • “…their sad face.”

        How is that hard to understand? :P
        Also, English isn’t Kivi’s first language. Give him a break on the grammar, please.

      • :)

      • You hurted my feelings now ;), “There#, better or is is still wrong?

      • Aww I’m sorry ;)

        You’re there with the there and the is is fine…. :D

        :) :) :)

  3. Yay!! First time ive won anything here after 3 years!

    *wipes tear*

    Id like to thank my Dad for buying me the commodore 64 back in 1988, Nintendo for revolutionising FPS with Goldeneye and of course my mum for purchasing all my consoles throughout the years.

    Its been emotional :)

  4. Sounds great. Well done, impressive scores, glad I wasn’t involved as I would most likely have been humiliated :P

  5. Just wish I could’ve been there, and given the top two a run for their money, perhaps. Hopefully we can get a few more meets out of the game before other shooters take over. So keep an eye out.

  6. Well done all, thanks for organising it Teflon and running it Jambo. Can’t wait for the T-Shirt :)

    The top 3 were miles and miles ahead!

    Proud that I got that final kill in the last game to beat the 3 on 14……it was 4 of us until the last 5 seconds!

    • In the last second I was about to get one final kill, I think I was one bullet away from killing them. But that last minute was so tense, trying to stay above gtaman was really hard.

  7. Gutted I couldn’t make it. Well done guys!

  8. Looks at the loading chimera screen after a week went by…… *smash, crash, %$*&!?@ cries…..*

  9. I had a great time last night, well done everyone.

  10. Thanks for a good game everyone. Really unfair for gtaman and his connection error will allowed me to take the win. Thanks for another great comp TSA, will be looking forward to the F1

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