TSA F1 Championship 2011

Last year, TSA launched its largest competition (in terms of scale) in the TSA F1 Championship. With what turned out to be three groups of 12 racing once a week each for 10 weeks and the final 12 racing for a  further 3 weeks, it was the largest undertaking we had ever done and this year we’re ready to do it again!

This year the championship will consist of:

  • 3 groups of 16 drivers
  • One race per group each week for 6 weeks (so 6 races each)
  • Group A will run on Sundays (starting the 16th October) at 5pm
  • Group B will run on Mondays at 6pm
  • Group C will run on Tuesdays at 8pm

Each group will have exactly the same rules and restrictions as the others, so you choose which group you want based purely on the preferable time and day for you. Also, each group will have a community team member who will set up the lobby and be in charge of that group. If a racing incident occurs (like a crash) and one of the drivers think it was deliberate or unfair then they should bring it up (discreetly) after the race with the community team member in charge. The three CT team members will be myself (AG2297), Teflon and Jambo. We will also be racing and trying to do as well as we possibly can too although Teflon and I wont be eligible for any of the prizes.

Talking of prizes, we will be giving away a trophy (an example of last years) to first, second and third place with a fourth trophy for a driver who has been the best sport throughout the championship, sort of a “Peoples’ Champion” which will be voted on by all the other drivers. We will also be trying to add to the prize pot throughout the championship. Unfortunately the prizes will be UK only, but this doesn’t mean you cant enter the championship from outside of the UK. The more the merrier!

The rules for the different assists you will be allowed to use and information regarding what tracks will be used can be found on the next page. Please read these rules and remember, this championship is competitive but it is still primarily for fun. If you only want to win and show no regard for the other drivers and therefore don’t race for fun… please don’t enter.

To enter, I need you to email me with the subject “F1” at adam[at]thesixthaxis[dot]com with your TSA and PSN ID. You will also need to tell me which date and time you would prefer from the three above (Group A, B or C) or if you could make any of the dates then please do let me know, that way you have more chance of getting a place! The deadline for entry is Tuesday 11th October so make sure you send in your email before then!

The Championship will start on Sunday 16th October with the participants being announced on Wednesday 12th October to let you guys know what tracks and what groups you are in. If there is a large demand there may not be enough space for everyone who enters.

Last year there were plenty of practice meets each week where anyone is welcome (from in or out of the championship) and this year we are hoping for even more. Also, we do love to chat while racing so having a headset is a great addition although we will also set up a chat lobby too. All that is left to say is good luck to all of you who enter!

See the next page for rules and regulations.

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  1. Our tagline was better…

  2. entered

  3. Fancy images/banners made by Bunimomike as usual :)…see him for any copyright claims ;) hehe!

  4. In like a shin. Now I need to practice…

  5. yup all sorted only thing to do now is to work out how to pit manually & also hopefully by then the handling glitch is patched.. Cant wait for this bring it on “Stan FTW” in a rather optimistic tone of voice :P

  6. entered. just ordered a new fanatec wheel, should be worth a couple of tenths :P

    • You didn’t tell me what day(s) you can do, I need to know to consider your entry!

      • oh sorry! as I’m away on the 23rd and 24th i guess that only leaves leaves Tuesday at 8pm.

      • Cheers!

  7. Awesome, count me in! Hoping for a little higher than 4th this year!

    There is a TSA F1 Sunday Meet, the perfect opportunity for some practice. Only 16 spots, sign up! http://www.thesixthaxis.com/tsa-community-meet-ups/

    • I’ll have a headset by Sunday too, even more reason to join in!

      • You’ll probably have lost it again by then though :p

    • 3rd and 3/4?

    • *ahem* I finshed 4th! Not that it made a difference, its just 1st person who didn’t get a prize lol. I’m hoping for a podium finish this time. All depends on whether i’d get through the group stages first with missing a race.

      • Ah yes, sorry, I finished 5th overall but I meant I finished 4th in each and every race of the final rounds! I didn’t word it well though!

      • Oh, and I missed 3 or 4 races and still advanced through the group stages last year as I was a reserve to start with, so I’m sure someone with your prodigious talents will breeze through ;)

  8. it would be good to know if the 11/11 glitch set-up will be banned or not?

    • Yes, it will. Hopefully the next patch will come and fix that soon.

      • To be honest, there’s no way to police this, it’s all going to be down to a gentlemans agreement. Hopefully a patch will be out before it starts, but i’m not gonna get my hopes up.

  9. Entered :) Not the best of drivers but I’ll give it ago and i hope it’s fun :D

  10. Damm, even if i had the game, and entered, i would get chucked out as i’m a bit of a dirty driver. (i tend to crash into things in an attempt to take someone out). Good luck to the entrants.(and Spike can’t rely on his luck of the welsh :D)

    • I’m really worried that I could be DSQed. I’m very dirty when playing and wouldn’t be surprised if I was deducted points for taking out other drivers as on every turn I am looking for the overtake whether it’s safe or not.

      • I’ll probably try to cause a massive pileup that takes out everyone, so i think it is a good thing that i don’t own the game.

      • Just wait for them to make a mistake or KERS and DRS them down the straight.

      • that is what I shall do!

      • Yeah it is rare to have someone take out another persons car with TSAers and that would really not go down well! Best thing to do is what David said… keep on their tale and wait for them to make a mistake or use your KERS or DRS.

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