Codemasters Holding On To F1 Licence

Codemasters and Formula 1 are renewing their partnership over another multi-year deal. The deal will allow Codemasters to continue making the officially licensed F1 games for consoles, PC, mobiles and online.

In the press release, Bernie Ecclestone is quoted as saying that:


Codemasters has created some of the best and most successful FORMULA ONE games to date. We and the teams work closely with them and look forward to creating more award winning games together in the future.

Codemasters own Rod Cousens has indicated that although he believes the studio in Birmingham has made a great start with their F1 games, they have even bigger plans for the brand in the future. F1 Online is launching in spring and Cousens hinted at a new F1 experience on a new platform, aimed at a younger audience.

Details on that project will follow at another time.



  1. Are you sure that quote should not read “Codemasters has created some of the best and most bug-filled FORMULA ONE games to date.”? :)

    I have enjoyed both F1 ’10 and ’11 but they just have too many gamebreaking bugs.

  2. They have been good but I wouldn’t say they were the best – Geoff Crammond made some great F1 games.

    • well said, i grew up with the GP series, such a shame he seems to have dropped off the planet.

  3. F1 ’10 was a good solid beginning, and whilst the underlying solidity remained, I guess, the changes to physics for ’11 and the PS3 versions big issues really disappointed me.

    I hope that they can actually push on and progress with ’12, rather than rehash it and get more buggy mistakes in there.

    • Seconded. Unlike the previous two iterations, I won’t be lining up on launch day for this one. They have promised too much and failed to follow through two years running. F1 2010 held so much promise, F1 2011 was a step backwards (for PS3).

      The PS3 version having so many issues completely ruined F1 2011 for me to the point I moved on after the second patch did nothing to address it. I have it for PC but couldn’t be bothered setting it all up infront of my telly with my wheel.. a shame.

  4. How about Codemasters give us GRiD2!!!!! Best online racing game ever.

  5. After ’10 and ’11 and being good, but still needing polishing to each of them, I think I’d prefer them to delay the F1 2012 release and release it at the start of the ’13 season. Makes more sense to have the game at the start of the new season, rather than at the end. I’m sure the performances of the cars can be patched in to reflect them IRL.
    Looking forward to the Manager game though.

  6. In honesty, the F1 games change so little, they just as well release ’12 as DLC for ’11 but that’d be too easy ;)

  7. Any dates? As in, when do they have the contract till and when was it originally supposed to run out?

  8. I’m not complaining…just make F1 2012 the best one yet! :)

  9. I’ve been a bit disappointed with Codemasters efforts but hopefully they’ve got big plans to go with this contract renewal.

  10. Although I have enjoyed the codies F1 efforts I really wish they went back to their roots and released a touring car game. I dont think any game currently has BTCC, DTM, WTCC and Aus V8 series in their games, something I miss.

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