Our F1 Community is The Best F1 Community

I don’t like to make big, grandiose claims too often but sometimes it’s just there to be said.

Our F1 community, who regularly meet to play Codemaster’s F1 2011, is awesome. After the F1 Championship this year, Death_in-Flamez is cutting together a massive highlights reel compiled from footage sent to him from many of the competitors.

We’re assured that there are going to be four two parts to this, because our F1 Championship is massive, legendary and comprehensive. It’s not arrogance when it’s truth.

So far, he’s just uploaded the first part (below) but the others will be along in time so keep your eyes on our forum and on his YouTube channel if you want to catch the others. I hope they all get suitably “dad rock” soundtracks like this one did.




  1. Great work Death_In-Flamez! Looking forward to part 2! :)

  2. Sounds awesome, will keep an eye out for the upcoming videos!

  3. I take part in an F1 league with some friends, in fact, we have three. Would be good if we could get 6 of our best up against 6 of your best for some sort event. Any sort of interest? We race at ps3gl.com

  4. Four? haha theres only two parts! Thanks guys it was a pleasure making it :)

  5. Love the semi-regular DiF love in lately :D

    • Ya’know I’m enjoying contributing more :) After finishing up Part II I may just get onto another article :P

  6. 0.25 I remember crazy asparagus_hunter !

  7. awesome job Captain!
    haha, “i’m in the lead!”

  8. Excellent video. Great choice of Pendulum at the beginning. Look forward to seeing part 2.

  9. Great job Death.

  10. Cracking video that. Especially as it has Shinedown in it. Any video with Sound of Madness automatically is on a winner

    • Hoping to fit Diamond Eyes in Part II ;)

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