SSX, Xperia Play And F1 2011 Prize Winners Announced

Over the last couple of weeks, TSA’s been chock full of competitions, giving away prizes left right and centre! So here’s just a little round-up of all the people that won something in the last few days.

Starting with the two SSX T-shirts we had to give away, there was a winner randomly selected from that there twitter, which was Kevling. In the TSA comments we asked you what suggestions you had for EA’s next extreme sports franchise, with AsparagusHunter’s proposed Finnish Wife Carrying (replete with Kinect and A&E support) being our favourite.

With the F1 season getting underway in a fortnight, and the third round of pre-season testing taking place last week, it was fitting that we had three copies of F1 2011 for the PS Vita to give away. We asked you to guess how many laps all the teams taking part would complete, and had a big range of answers. Coming closest to the total of 3672 were Hol, guessing almost exactly with 3673, MegstarMatt went with 3662 and DrNate86 had a guess of 3692.*

Finally, we had a very cool prize on offer in the form of an Xperia Play. All you had to do was identify which section of the image belonged to said smartphone. The answer? Well it was grid reference D1, of course. We then drew a name out at random from the correct answers, with the lucky winner being Wonkey-Willy!

Congratulations to all the winners, and we’ll hopefully see you all next time we’re giving stuff away for free.

Don’t worry, it won’t be a long wait…

*We did have a few European mainlanders in the mix for the top 3, but unfortunately for those, the prizes were for the UK only.



  1. Darn. Well done to the winners.

  2. Congrats to the winners! :) Once again great comps from TSA :)

    Disappointed that nobody was welsh XD

  3. Do we know how many of the lucky winners are Welsh?

  4. Well it was fun. Well done everyone.

  5. i would like to thank my wife, my kids , my labrador daisy and my adoring fans and of course my mum whom without this would not be possible..and finally a big shout out to the wonderful guys here at
    time to lay my trusty old w995 to rest shes been a good phone.

    SERIOULSY thanks everyone!

    • Congrats! And I’m glad the prize has gone to someone that actually needs an upgraded phone! :P

      I’ve got an iPhone 4S so would have felt guilty winning it ;)

      • I need it more, I don’t even have a mobile phone! ;)

  6. Well done all, was only 40 laps off the F1 comp. So close.

  7. rassin frassin. >_>

    i mean, congratulations to the winners.

    in all seriousness though, well done everybody who won, and thanks TSA for the competitions in the first place, even when i don’t win. ^_^

    • That last bit was hard to type wasn’t it.

  8. I wish I had a Wonkey Willy now…. :P

    Congrats to the winners!

  9. Congrats winners.

  10. Dammit, got all the right numbers for the F1 laps, but just in the wrong order (3276 rather than 3672)

    Congrats too all the winners

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