SSX “Defy Reality” Trailer Released, Win An SSX T-shirt!

To celebrate the release of SSX tomorrow, EA Sports has revealed a “Defy Reality” trailer. The trailer shows a group of fans, invited by EA Sports, taking part in a 400-metre long zip-line night jump from the top of Battersea Power Station in London, dressed in full snowboarding gear and hitting speeds of up to 80kph.


In addition, we have two awesome SSX t-shirts to give away to you guys courtesy of EA Community Manager @EA_ActionMan! You can win one by simply answering the following question in the comments below:

Q: What unusual type of extreme sport would you like to see in a game?

We will also be giving away another SSX t-shirt on Twitter which you can win by tweeting the following:

“I want to win an #SSX t-shirt because [insert your reason here] and by following @TSAcom & @EA_ActionMan”

Both winners will be picked tomorrow (Friday 2nd March) and informed via the email address that you have signed up with if you have entered via the comments, or through a Direct Message via Twitter (which means you must be following us!). Feel free to enter with both methods to increase your chances!

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  1. Love the new ssx cant wait to get it. On a seperate note, why did they realease the vita with such a basic browser. I tried to watch this on there and it doesnt work.

    • Mobile Flash was killed a few months before the Vita’s launch, and Sony had planned to include it, but then couldn’t. they haven’t really got around to retooling the browser to compensate for this yet, but if they care at all, then they’ll hopefully be updating it within the next few months.

      • They didn’t really care that much for the PS3 browser all these years… How long did it take them to upgrade it to reasonable usability? :P

      • True, but the PS3 got a browser update recently, and a touch device with 3G is inherently more web friendly than a games console, which is just rather clunky.

        There’s the PS Suite app store coming too.

  2. Extreme Ironing. Cause nothing says awesome like getting ready for the working week on a cliffside

  3. I want to see a Ekstremsportveko game. Every amazing extreme sport and extremely fun to try pronounce.

  4. Dinosaur polo. With stegasaurus’ and triceratops.
    No t-Rex though as they would eat the participants.

  5. Id like to see a skydiving/boarding game going 200mph towards earth brilliant!

    • I remember there was a skydiving game released back in about 2007/2008 for PS3 and omg good ness it was poorly executed, I like you thought it would be good, but it really was badly executed

  6. I’d like to see some insane extreme sports on the…… Moon yeah that’s right let Gravity do the job be it the longest jump, longest throw, High jumps and the most extreme death defying sport that will never air on Television…. holding your breath without…. the space mask/helmet.
    YEAH how Extreme can you get!!!

    DO NOT TRY THIS IN SPACE…. beacause no-one will hear you scream.

  7. A ‘defy reality’ interpretation of curling would be incredible.

  8. Sharking: The Game
    By EA, featuring some well known EA Sports commentaries like “That was a sweet-funky-dawg-manuva!”, “Oooh, he handled that situation well” and “How he got away with that I’ll never know!”
    There will be the ability to combo between the unsuspecting and what would a Sharking game be without video editing that’s akin to EA’s Skate?

  9. Chess Boxing, it really does exist look –

    You could synchronise your training to beat Deep Blue and Vladimir Klitschko all the same time….brains meets brawn…who wins????

  10. Q: What unusual type of extreme sport would you like to see in a game?

    An illegal series of street races on motorbikes, finish in the top placing to earn money to spend on tuning or replacing your bike

    You can also punch, kick & hit rivals with weapons

    Oh & you have to watch out for cows!

    Lets call it Road Rash!

    • I think you could be on to something.

    • Holy S**t I loved that game!

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