December’s Xbox Live Games With Gold Revealed

Not to be outdone by the PlayStation Plus December lineup that was revealed just hours ago, Major Nelson released the lineup of games with gold for Xbox platforms next month.

First up is Xbox One, which will see Worms Battlegrounds available for all gold members at no additional cost. Our own Aran Suddi reviewed it a few months back and gave it a solid 8 out of 10, so it seems like this is a pretty good addition. If they stick with their traditional rotation of games, it’s Chariot’s turn to be taken off gold but we’ve yet to confirm that.


On the Xbox 360 side we’ll see The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief, and SSX available to gold members. Raven launched about a year ago to mediocre reviews, but SSX was received pretty well as a reboot of the classic franchise from several years ago.

Let us know if any of those titles appeal to you Xbox owners out there.

Source: Major Nelson



  1. Dont mind a bit of worms. GwG is still well behind Ps+ though.

  2. What is the point of doing something you KNOW is worse than the same service offered by your chief competitor?

    • Better than nothing?

      • From the point of the consumer, sure.

        I meant more from Microsoft’s point of view – They are already struggling with a brand perception that the Xbox One is the ‘second’ new generation console, and this is a good chance for them to offer a better deal than Sony. But they don’t. So it’s yet another reason to get the PS4 over the One.

        I just find their strategy baffling, and have since the outrageously misjudged launch. Phil Spencer should be all over this like a rash…

      • I get your point but its not like everyone is happy with the deluge of indies on plus for PS4. I rarely see anyone playing them on my friends list. I expect in 6 months or so we may get some launch games like Zoo tycoon or Ryse but neither service has given away a full price release yet.

      • Agreed, for the most part.

        But Games on Gold doesn’t even look like it’s trying to compete. It looks like Microsoft are begrudgingly offering their service because Sony gets a lot of praise for the same thing. Why not make GoG a massive positive and give everybody Dead Rising 3? Or Ryse? Think of the positivity that’d generate.

        It seems that perception is the biggest issue with the One at the moment. I just think Microsoft should be taking every opportunity they can to improve it.

      • @Eldur

        Sony is giving its first AAA away this month, As many predicted they would need 12 months behind them before handing out full retail games.

        GWG is lame attempt at copying Sony period.

    • Halo Spartan Ops, Chariot, Worms and Guacamelee (or however it’s spelled) are at least as interesting as anything I’ve got for free with Plus on PS4 the last six months.

      Plus for PS3 is far better than for PS4, but with both Plus and GwG it’s the discounts that matter in most cases. And here Plus is better. GwG has had a few good sales, but it’s not as consistent as Plus with new releases.

  3. Yay, I’ve been holding off on Worms due to the price (and since I prefer the 2D art), but now I’ll give it a go.

    • The 3D graphics just don’t look as good in my book….

  4. Worms is pretty good, enjoyed playing it. I think its the first boxed retail game to be offered on xboxone. Out of interest does anyone know how many retail games have been given on PS4 so far?

    • I think Injustice is the first one

  5. Can’t vouch for Xbox live anymore as I don’t own Xbox any more.
    But when I did the 40 pound a year I used to pay was money well spent.
    Whereas psn was to be fair lagging behind..
    Gwg is just a bonus in my opinon to what Is and has been a solid service for some years.
    P’s plus is just a smoke screen!
    Chuck a bundle of mediocre games at people that you may have played already.granted there is some content that may appeal but generally for me ps plus is just OK
    Now that it is mandatory to play online I think that if you going to charge for plus Sony need to concentrate on the online side of things rather than chuck a pile of average games at you every month..

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