Alien Invasion DLC For Worms Battlegrounds Releasing This Week On PS4

Team17 has announced that the Alien Invasion DLC will be releasing this week on PS4, and will available after the store update. The DLC was made available on Xbox One at the beginning of December. It shouldn’t be a very expensive add on PS4 considering it costs £3.99 on the Xbox One.  A list of what the DLC pack includes was also released including a Body Count mode, and some extra missions. There’s also  hats.

  • All new Bodycount game mode! Pick your two favourite classes of worm and play as FIB agents fighting off wave after wave of Alien Invaders! Compete across 3 maps with new global leaderboards
  • 10 new Deathmatch missions! Take control of the Alien Invaders and fight against those pesky invertebrate FIB agents who are hunting you down and trying to destroy your UFO
  • 5 Alien themed hats
  • 5 Alien themed gravestones
  • 2 Alien themed speechbanks
  • 5 re-imagined weapons to use in the Alien Invasions modes. Battle with the Plasma Blaster, Energy Orb, Ray Gun, Brightsaber and Precision Droid.

I reviewed Worms Battleground last year and I found the experience pretty enjoyable personally. I think it was a good Worms game, though Armageddon will always have a special place in my heart.

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  1. Armageddon, particularly the HD version on PS3 is still by far the best Worms game.

    I don’t know anyone who likes having three types of worms, and the 3D backgrounds are incredibly confusing.

    If we could have Armageddon with the graphics of Reloaded, on the PS4 (other gaming-consoles are available) it would be perfection.

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