SSX To Get Multiplayer Update

This year’s SSX will be getting a proper multiplayer mode in an update, EA have indicated this evening. Their Summer Showcase – running right now – should hopefully tell us more.

So, whilst official details are currently thin on the ground, the screens below (from EA’s Twitter) at least show an event timer (see the top right corner) and current ranking on the right.


If we get a press release through we’ll update accordingly.



  1. I sense this will be premium DLC.

  2. Bit late!

    • Yep, really good news but way too late. I reckon split screen nostalgia factor would have better for sales than this.

    • Yeah, unfortunately way too little way too late.

      If they wanted SSX to be a contender, it should have shipped with that DLC pack that came out a bit back that added some life back into it (as well as classic costumes i think) & multiplayer that was actually multiplayer, not you & a load of ghosts.

      The beauty of SSX back in the day was that it was utterly over the top & had a great local multiplayer where you even had the ability to punch other people to gain the advantage. They completely missed that point with the re-release & now people have just plain moved on as it was a bit lifeless.

      • Yeah what you said about the OTTness is spot on. I really love the new SSX so I think rather than the odd bit of DLC they could do worse than bring out a whole new sequel with all the bits and pieces the fans are asking for and more emphasis on the Explore side rather than Global Events (because lets be honest, they won’t be running at all in a few years time).

      • Agreed – I personally think that they should have scrapped the deadly descents portion of the game & released that as either DLC or a spin-off game. That bit (whilst enjoyable) just didn’t feel SSeXy enough for me & the end result is that they have a bit of a strange gameplay model where one race you are trying desperately to stay on the mountain & one mistake means disaster & yet the next you are throwing caution to the wind & pulling off insane 1080’s over crevices.

        It’s good, but for me it doesn’t quite reach the dizzy heights of Tricky, which is a shame.

  3. A welcome addition, but unfortunately as long as it lacks split-screen it’s not ‘proper multiplayer’.

  4. *Glances at the EA logo on the front of the box* Lemmie guess, we will have to pay for it?

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