SSX DLC Images & Trailer Revealed

The first images and trailer for the new SSX DLC have been released by EA. The DLC is called the SSX Mt. Eddie & Classic Characters Bundle Pack, which is said to be inspired by SSX Tricky.


Mt. Eddie will feature 9 race and trick drops and, as you can see from the trailer, some pretty inspired designs influenced by past SSX games. The bundle pack will also include 7 classic characters from SSX3 and Tricky, as well as 3 classic music tracks from the previous titles.

You can also buy the two parts of the bundle separately by opting for either the SSX Mt. Eddie pack or the SSX Classic Characters pack. Some screenshots of what the bundle contains can be found below.

The SSX Mt. Eddie & Classic Characters packs will be available from May 1st, though prices are yet to be announced.

Source: Press Release



  1. Shame this wasn’t coming out as a seperate PSN title. I want to play it as I loved Tricky but I can’t stand the new SSX.

    • Yeah, i’m not loving the new SSX either and i’m hoping they add Tricky or SSX2 to the ps2 classics on psn soon instead.

      • Ahh yes, I had forgotten they’ve started doing PS2 classics. Fingers crossed for Tricky and also Timesplitters2 :D

  2. Looks nicely daft! They should release Tricky as a PS2 classic alongside this, then I’ll understand what all the fuss is about :)

  3. “prices are yet to be announced”

    In my experience, if something is not labelled in a store, or something is announced with no details of pricing, it’s probably expensive.

    I hope i am wrong.

    • I believe in the states its been priced as $7.99 total for the characters and course… given we are talking about the EU PSN it will probably be around £14.99 ;)

      • Unfortunately, you are probably pretty accurate in your assumption.

        I do hope they price it sensibly though, as this could be just the thing to kick people to get it so i can get that damn 50k riders badge done. At the moment, it seems that badge was reserved just for those that picked it up day one. :(

      • Have to agree with you there Forrest. The 50K badge is something that wont come up again for a while if at all. The badge was hard enough to get in the first place and as the game becomes older less people will play making the badge next to impossible.

  4. Sensible pricing, some old favourites and you may have a purchase.

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