xperia play

New Xperia Play Update Might Be Imminent

It’s probably competitive Angry Birds, right?

SSX, Xperia Play And F1 2011 Prize Winners Announced

F1 2011, SSX T-shirts and an Xperia Play walked into a bar…

FIFA 12 For Android A Timed Xperia Play Exclusive

Holy fragmented software platform, Batman!

Xperia Play: Minecraft As Android Exclusive

Plus 19 more games including Bad Company 2

Vodafone Delays Xperia Play UK Launch

[Updated] Dude, where’s my Play?

Xperia Play Trailer Xplosion

Do you see what we did there?

What is the Xperia Play?

What’s it for, where does it fit?

Hands On with Xperia Play

We Xperience the Xperia Play.

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