Xperia Play Trailer Xplosion

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is released in just over a week. Did you forget? We’re still gently poking our friends at SE’s PR department to try to get the review unit we were told we’d see before launch but until they come up with the goods, you can watch these US TV adverts from YouTube.

Let us know if you appreciate the stereotypical portrayal of gaming, the absence of The Butler and the ‘simulated screen images’ that are so poorly tracked onto the device that it looks like I did them. They do at least serve the purpose of getting the message out about the device and all the things it can do.


One word of warning: there are naughty words in some of them (although it’s all beeped) so if you’re thinking of watching them with your feet up on the bosses desk, while he’s next door taking the morning meeting, then we’d advise a touch of discretion.



  1. okey weird….

  2. I won’t be getting the xperia play at least for another 18 months, more than happy with the desire hd I’ve got. I’m hoping though we’re going to see an influx of quality titles onto Android in general as a result of it though.

  3. I love it…madness to the nth degree!

    • …and I have no idea who Kristen Schaal is, so I wikipedia’d her. turnd out I know more than I thought…

  4. Man, I want to watch fotc now!

  5. Kristen Schaal, good choice! She’s awesome, if you haven’t seen Bobs Burgers yet, go check it out!

  6. “Did you feel that boob stab?”

    British ads are just so depressingly normal :(

  7. HAH!!!

    There is something shlightly shexy hearing a girl say Shony Xshperia Play Shmartphone over and oevr again!

    Great casting!

  8. Scary lady… but somewhat enticing…

  9. Love them. Lmao at the top one. Wasn’t expecting it.

  10. I won’t be buying an Xperia but those adverts are great, lol!

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