New Xperia Play Update Might Be Imminent

Sony is apparently sending out invitations to certain US media outlets for an event on the 2nd of May. Those invitations hint towards something new “in the world of Xperia gaming”. They’ve got Gameloft and someone from Major League Gaming there too, apparently.

Since there hasn’t been any rumours or leaks concerning an Xperia Play 2, it’s assumed that this is likely to be a new service rather than new hardware but nothing is certain. We would hazard a guess that, since a major mobile gaming partner and a representative of the world’s most prominent competitive gaming organisation are in attendance, there might be something to do with a tournament or something to appeal to hardcore gamers.


The invitation features a picture of the Xperia Play. As many of you will know, the Play was launched before Ericsson was streamlined out of Sony’s smartphone division. It was not a large success. Perhaps this event is going to reinvigorate the device or perhaps it is going to replace it. We’ll know next week.

Update: We’ve had word from the team organising this event that there will be no new product announcement. This is an event “intended to preview a new initiative launching in partnership with Major League Gaming and Gameloft.”

Source: TG Daily via Xperia Blog



  1. Playstation Suite compatibility/announcement?

    • I’d hope so. I don’t think the Xperia Play had enough impact so they need to push the PS Suite out there.

    • PS Suite has already been confirmed on the Play – it just doesn’t have any content yet. But this does make sense, actually. It could be something big for PS Suite that will reinvigorate it now they seem finally ready to make it work.

  2. I just want my bloody Ice Cream Sandwich, and i want it NOW!

  3. The Sony Xperia Vita.

    Now THAT would piss off early adopters of the PS Vita. :P

  4. Wait, were’s Tonyyeb…?

  5. I am hoping for ICS/PS Suite! Been waiting ages for them.

    • PSSuite isn’t going to be launched for I while, although there ARE many developers making games for it. Just go on the Open Beta forums to see that.

  6. Hope it is. I still enjoy hitting my xperia play for short bursts.

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