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Advertising Promotion.

If you love your console as much as we do, we know you wish the gaming hub in your living room was just that little bit more portable. Well thanks to Sony Ericsson we have an Xperia™ PLAY to give away that will turn your smartphone into a gaming console in seconds!

Allowing you to play top titles such as FIFA 12, GTA III and Modern Combat on the go, the PlayStation™ certified smartphone is also jammed with superfast graphics and dedicated game controls to make each game the most immersive experience possible. Powered by a zippy 1GHz Snapdragon processor, you can master your favourite games on its awesome 4” screen – your enemies don’t stand a chance!

What’s more, there are now more than 200 games optimised for the Xperia™ PLAY to give you plenty of challenges to choose from for your next battle.

What are you waiting for? Enter by simply answering the question:

Which one of the images in the grid below is the Xperia Play?

Fill in your details in the entry form below and select the grid reference that you think is the Xperia Play. It’s that simple!


Win an Xperia Play
Simply select the correct grid reference from the dropdown list below.
1. Name: *
2. TSA ID: *
3. Email Address: *
4. Which image is the Xperia Play? *

The competition is open to all UK residents and will end at midnight on the 2nd March, after which one winner from the correct entries will be chosen at random.  Our usual terms and conditions apply.



  1. Good competition. Entered. Do I have to be Welsh to be in with a chance of winning? :)

    • Why would it help to be Welsh? If it helps then I’m also Welsh :P Pontypridd butt!!!!

    • Our Welsh luck has run out for a bit…could change though with this comp!

    • My prediction if we win the match one of us will win the xperia play :)

  2. I’ve really fancied this device for ages. I am pretty confident in my answer AND the closing date is 2 days before my big 30th birthday so that could be a corking present.

    • I think the answer is a fairly safe bet, unless it’s hiding in one of the other machines ;)

      • Its a must to enter. Congratz to the winner, whoever it may be :D

  3. Nice little prize there. Entered :)

  4. Wow
    *wonders if I can enter*

    • I’m going to go ahead and say no.

      (More chance for me to win) ;-)

    • I may have something similar coming up ;).

  5. Stupid “UK only” rules.

    Whatever happened to Europe?

    • If TSA could narrow down the geographical eligibility even further (I’ll email my address) I’d be much obliged. ;-)

  6. awesome! good luck all :)

  7. entered. Really hope i win since i hva never won anything on here and my bday was last saturday and i didnt get anything.

    • That’s nothing! It was my 40th birthday last month and all I got was a divorce settlement and lost my home!

  8. Wasn’t sure whether I was allowed to enter, but I entered anyway – too good of an opportunity to pass up!

    • You’re not, I’ll just go ahead and scrap your entry…. :D

      • lol, Mike for the rescue as usual

  9. 4D, obviously

    • you clearly need your eyes testing, its 100% 2A ;)

  10. *Says answer out loud*

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