Xperia Play Games To Cost £1-£10

Speaking to MCV, Sony Ericsson’s UK marketing boss David Hilton had some more information for us regarding the Xperia Play.

First up is the proposed game pricing, with the smaller, lower-tier game costing £1 to £2, with a more complex game stretching right up to £10. There is also the potential for the phone to appear in game retailers rather than just your local phone outlet.


When asked about the potential for anymore PlayStation Phones, Hilton said “we will see how this one goes but there is the potential for this to grow.”

So that’ll be the dual core, super dooper version then?

Source: MCV.



  1. Great news :-)

  2. Sounds like a sensible pricing structure. Mobile phone games now are in the region with the cheap ones being under a quid and the likes of Gameloft’s more heavy duty titles around £6

  3. Yes. They didn’t really have any choice mind, any new device needs this sort of price point for games.

    Wonder how many will be a pound, though…?

    • And how long until Activision come along and blow the £10 upper limit

  4. Was interested, then lost interest at the previous reports of pricing and now I’m back on board.

  5. That is indeed brilliant news. Now I’m very interested.

  6. Buttons for the win is right! I recently upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S and although using the touch screen for playing games like Angry Birds is great, using it for something a little more complex like a platformer just doesn’t feel right. Tilting the phone for driving games is even worse if you ask me!

  7. I can’t see many games being at the bottom of that pricing.

  8. Maybe they have reassed the pricing structure for existing games (minis etc), hence the lack of transferrable PSN data.

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