WeView Verdict: WipEout HD

Look I know this is the bit where I’m supposed to say something about the number of people who took part, or to say something vaguely witty about the game. The thing is I know next to nothing about the WipEout series. I played F-Zero a few times but that’s the closest I’ve ever come to a WipEout game (I know they’re not the same series, please don’t write me angry comments). If you remember it was Blair who picked this game last week.

Hopefully as I read through your opinions on the game I’ll learn something about the series.

It’s odd that 2ofclubs seems to have written a view that’s tailored perfectly to my lack of playtime with the series. It’s not that they tell me anything about the futuristic racer that I didn’t already know, but the last sentence is strangely appropriate. Clearly the only answer is that they’re psychic.

For a game that seems to be made for the fans it does little to surprise them other than delivering something they’ve already seen, albeit with a stunning lick of High Definition paint. That said, it’s still a solid foundation for WipEout’s blistering style of racing on the PSN and provides a teaser of what will hopefully culminate in the next true continuation of the series. However if you are new to the franchise then what are you doing reading this? Go get it now!

Next I turn to colmshan1990, partly because they’re short sentences and paragraphs reminded me of a haiku; yes I’m really that easily pleased. It’s a shame it’s not actually in haiku, perhaps that’s a challenge for someone next week. What really caught my eye here though is the comparison to Uncharted, it’s a small surprise to see someone putting another game over it.

This, and not Uncharted sets the Playstation standard for graphics and fun. On top of that, the pure, blistering speed sets this racer far apart from the pack. Unbeatable, and (until Resi 4 HD came out) my favourite game. As for the Fury DLC, it’s the best piece of DLC I’ve ever got, it added a whole new game, what more can you ask for?

I wonder if anyone else will agree on putting WipEout over the Uncharted series. Hopefully colmshan1990 won’t be left alone in their opinion.

I’ll be honest, I was slightly surprised to see this view when I was reading through the thread, everybody was being so overwhelmingly positive about the game that it didn’t look like I was going to see any differences of opinion. The suddenly Origami Killer and gave the complete opposite opinion to the general flow of the discussion.

I usually like a challenge, but WipEout takes this too far and is just too hard. Even on the easiest difficulty. I don’t get why people say it’s the best looking game on the PS3 as t really isn’t compared to other games such as Uncharted. It’s too hard and the turning is crap. That sums it up for me.

Finally, lets to turn to anthro’s opinion of the game. This was actually the first quote I picked this week, just because it struck me as nicely summing up everything about the game.

Wipeout HD is simply the best racing game that I have ever played on any console. It has all the elements it needs: speed, fluidity, myriad tracks, myriad ships with widely differing characteristics, superb graphics, and fantastic weapons. And to cap it off the online mode is nothing short of stunning. Oh, and then there’s the music, which is excellent as well – and you can even set up your own soundtrack if you so choose.

As I do every week, it’s time to finish off with your verdict of the game. Although sixteen of you took part this week, only fifteen remembered to put their rating at the end of their review. If you don’t include it I can’t take it into account when I’m counting everything up. Anyway, this was an utter landslide of a verdict, with just two of you giving it a rating of Avoid It and the remaining thirteen rating it as Buy It. That seems pretty conclusive to me.

Remember, I’ll be back with a new game for you to sink your teeth into tomorrow. If there’s anything you’d particularly like to see covered then just drop it into the comments below.



  1. Shame I missed this one, would agree with buy it, it really is super fun, and the Fury pack, as colmshan1990 really is a whole new game. But, I do kinda suck at this game, I find it way too hard, still can’t keep away from all the flashy lights and rave though. Really is a visual/audio treat, especially when the audio responds to what you do, jumping removes bass momentarily, tunnels make it sound odd. Really is massively fun.

  2. Damn it, next time I’ll try to do a Haiku! :P

    I stand by my comments regarding at the graphics- there’s nothing that looks quite so good as when you’re hurtling down the tracks at over 600mph at 1080p and 60fps, neck and neck with the every racer, trying to find the angle to move ahead, or deploy your weapon…
    A truly electric game.

  3. Love this game.

  4. I really didn’t like Wipeout much. I would agree with OK, I found the controls too sluggish and spent most my time grinding along walls. I got the Fury DLC as part of the PSN return giveaway, and keep meaning to try it out to see if my opinion has changed, but as it stands I didn’t get much enjoyment out of the game.

    • yeah I hit the wall every time I turn, I wont be playing it ever again

    • Turn on Pilot Assist until you feel you’ve got the hang of it, that’s what I did.

  5. my only platinum trophy is in Wipeout HD. Boy am I proud of it too. Easily my favourite racing series.

    • You have the plat? I salute you, sir, and acknowledge you as my WipeOut superior.

  6. I dont know why i stopped playing this, but i did. Stunning graphically and so smooth. Might patch it back up one day.

  7. Not a huge fan to be honest. Enjoyable for the first couple of races but then I found it all got a bit samey.

  8. I’m with OrigamiKiller on this one. WipEout HD’s about as much fun as repeatedly punching yourself.

  9. Wipeout has always been one of those must have PS games, I’ve owned a few but always find the gameplay pretty hardcore.

    WO:HD is probably the best version so far IMO and the Fury expansion was a great addition. 1080p, 60fps, great soundtrack, solid gameplay and cheap! What more could you want from a game?

    • Boobs, always want more boobs.

      • Well yeah. That goes without saying….

  10. Yaaay, I got a mention! Cheers :D

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