Meet the Reader: GTOWN

Time for another audio interview, and this time Bunimomike is verbally sparring with our long sitting member, GTOWN, who some of you may know as Kitch. As always, I’ve painstakingly transcribed it if you prefer written words to the most certain witchcraft that is involved were your computer to make sounds at you.


Good evening everybody, it’s Bunimomike, we’re back for another Meet the Reader with TSA. For me it feels like an old friend returning, we’ve got GTOWN. I’m going to call him Kitch, cos for me that’s his name. But GTOWN’s made his, well… You’ve spread yourself beautifully, showered us with your love across the forum.

Why thank you!

Good evening, matey. Are you alright?

I’m fantastic, thank you very much Mike. Good evening fellow TSAers.

It’s great to have you back, just very briefly, we had you on the NuTSAck Podcast a while back, and we did Home, and had a lot of fun with that and been in touch ever since. Still, no naked photos in the post, but I’m keeping my hopes up.

No absolutely, they are winging their way to you.

I think you’ll find they’re at customs. Blocked at the border. Seriously, it’s been lovely staying in touch, and hopefully this will be a nice chilled out chat. Tef is worried we’ll not get past the first question.

No, I will play nicely. Consummate professional.

OK, so we’ve got the who you are, which is awesome. So once again, if you’ve forgotten, we’ve got GTOWN with us. It asks me to ask how old you are, which is a useless question.

It’s not that useless, it shows what a spread you’ve got over TSA, and I’m 35. I’m probably at the older end of the TSA crowd.

If I’m not mistaken we had an article on TSA recently about the average age of gamers in general. I think you’re either bang in the middle, or even a little younger, as that demographic will shift as we all get older, and developers are probably a very similar age to us anyway. It’s nice to see TSA with such a spectrum.

Absolutely. The only one older than me is Mike, according to forum legend, though I think he’s really 17 or 18. He’s quite young, really. Mike the Elder.

And where do you come from? That accent must give it away!

Well, not necessarily. I was originally born in Gosport, which is down on the South coast of England, and then I moved to Scotland after a few years. Now I am residing and count this as home, in Glossop in Derbyshire in the North West.

That’s an awful lot of mileage. A bit of an “on the run” feel to it.

I’ve got a blog somewhere which actually lists all the places I’ve lived.

For the police?


Well you’ve obviously been there a while to pick up the correct accent.

The Northern Twang!

I’m glad you said ‘twang’ clearly, because we’re playing it straight and professional, remember? No rude jokes! What is the origin of GTOWN?

We take the mick out of Glossop, by calling it G-Town, because it makes it sound funky. I went to register Kitch, and someone who still has never been online and has no PS3 has taken it already. I think if a name’s not used after so many years it should be released.

Did you leave the caps lock on accidentally? Or to sound cool.

I think it was just accidentally on, and I didn’t realise it. For some reason if it’s block capitals, it now jumps to the top of your friends list. [not anymore! – Tef] You’re at the top, the daddy! You’re so cool! We’re already digressing, how did you first get into gaming, fella?

My dad bought a Commodore 64, because he was into programming, from being in the Navy as an engineer. He bought one to play with and that was my first taste. I didn’t really play a great deal after that until the PS1. There was a big gap in my gaming, as I just lost interest, and PS1 was my way back in with Tomb Raider and WipEout.

So you enjoyed gaming, but as a teen you were busy chasing skirt, and now you’re settled down sex is boring and you’re back to games!

You know what, it’s that in a nutshell!

Talking of which, is the Mrs. in earshot or are we safe?

No, no we’re safe, she’s upstairs tucked up in bed, so I’ve got a bit of peace!

Now obviously I appreciate you’re a very similar age to me and we’ve enjoyed gaming way before the internet. But as TSA has come along, you must have… I can’t think how long you’ve been on here?

2008 I think it was.

That’s nearly the start isn’t it? So you’ve been here a little over 3 years, theoretically?

Can’t be far off. Somewhere in 2008, quite early on.

Right, and if we remove TSA from the equation of the life of GTOWN, what do you get up to? I’m told you’re often abusing customers in supermarkets.

Yeah, I work for a certain supermarket that has to remain nameless, but every little helps. I did work at Customer Service, but then I moved to another department where I’m now sat behind a till.

Were you physically removed?

Well what it is I’ve got a bit of a gammy back, so they couldn’t move me to any other department, so it made sense to put me behind a till.

I haven’t heard the word ‘gammy’ for ages. Anybody who doesn’t know what that means, it means dodgy or broken.

I’ve got a spine made of yoghurt.

Fantastic! I just want to know if you taste of raspberry now.

I think we’d go down a road that we shouldn’t. We can if you like, but it wouldn’t make the final cut.

Right, OK. Every now and again we see comments from you around the place.

To be honest with you I probably come across as an angry person, and I am, but in a very jovial way. Certain things do get my goat quite quickly.

No, fair enough, obviously you’re a passionate guy, but occasionally the temper flares up a bit.

I’m 35, so I’m allowed to be. I’m a grumpy old man in training.

Well, in all fairness, AG2297 is only 19 and he’s already way ahead of you.

You don’t need to be miserable, just be angry!

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  1. If you download the file and play it back at half speed, or so, Mike and Kitch sound like a pair of old drunks who’re sat on a sofa at 3AM just having a very slovenly chat about stuff…

    Then you speed it up again, and realise they’re going like the clappers.

  2. I still melt at the sound of your voice, bunimo. Why don’t you do TV voice work!?

    • Funnily enough one of my clients (I’m a graphic designer by trade) wants me to do the voice-overs for some ads on one of the back-water channels on Sky (and Freesat).

      I’m still smiling and feeling a touch “wow” at your kind words but it never ceases to make me smile when someone says something so kind. Cheers, fella. :)

      • I remember that podcast you were on and yeh I totally agree, very calm and sophisticated indeed.

      • Wow. Thanks, Jim! *is a little speechless*

  3. Nice to meet you GTOWN! and bunimo.. Get back on the podcast!

  4. very funny to listen :L Nice to meet you GTOWN. I always think Bunimomike sounds like Jarvis (used to play rugby for Wales, the guy with the afro) or a rugby player at least.

    • Well it’s nice to be part of something so special.

  5. awesome to listen to another meet the reader! =D
    and bunimo, have u sent that recordings with u reading bedtime stories yet? cause i have trouble sleeping now when its getting darker and darker outside and its a little bit scary now…

    and nice to meet u GTOWN (Kitch)! =D awesome job guys… *thumbs up*

    • And another lovely comment. I’m stiff at the thought of all this love.

      • Stiff!? Too much information… :P

    • I did, fella. Came 2nd (runner-up) too so won £100 Amazon gift voucher. Maybe I should offer a premium-rate bedtime storey service over Skype. For when you can’t sleep or don’t want to. ;-)

      Interviewing Kitch was a pleasure and I know we could’ve chatted into the small hours of the morning but tef’s poor fingers would’ve been worn to the bone transcribing everything.

      • I pleasured Mike during the interview. That’s on Redtube though.

      • Bedtime voice is mine please! Kaythanksbyeee

  6. I feel your pain of working in said supermarket for I too suffer the same daily slog.

    • Tesco are the ultimate. But it pays for my gaming habits.

      • Do you have the pleasure of a Customer Cafe for that is where I dwell and run the joint. The shame.

      • Our Cafe has been rented out to Avenance. We have nothing to do with it.

  7. And I managed to get a swear word on the front page. Read the 1st letter of each of my replies. I’m so childish. ;)

    • Awesome! I do this way too often! Also, when I transfer money to my friends accounts I write down the reference as some sort of sex toy just so their bank statements are childishly rude.

  8. Another great meet the reader, what a nice community we have. Hello Kitch! It was wonderful to hear from you, hope your having a good weekend.

    • My weekend is fab so far. Just got back from a walk with the kids. Only 5 mile but good all the same.

  9. always read your name as GT OWN :p
    can’t see your face on the photo in this post, but I’m pretty sure I already saw it full on the forums, no?

    • I’m a stunner. That all you need to know.

  10. Thoroughly enjoyed the interview guys, great to meet you Kitch!

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