Assassin’s Creed’s Ezio To Guest Star In Soul Calibur V?

Could Assassin’s Creed’s own Ezio Auditore have snuck his way into the character roster for Soul Calibur V? reportedly managed to snatch this image of the assassin from a Soul Calibur V event held in San Francisco:

This is not the first time Namco’s brawler has seen crossover fighters. Soul Calibur 2 included Tekken’s Heihachi in the PS2 version, Link with the Gamecube version and Todd McFarlane’s Spawn as part of the Xbox version. Soul Calibur 4 also had console specific characters in the form of Darth Vader and Yoda.

Additionally, the live blog apparently mentioned a release date of January 31st 2012 as ‘confirmed’ for the fighter.

It’s still only rumour until Namco-Bandai says otherwise, but Ezio would undoubtedly be a welcome addition to Soul Calibur V’s roster in the eyes of many.

Source: Gematsu


  1. good choice. could see how he could fit in to the story.

  2. and he wouldn’t be restricted to a single format like all the other guest characters the soul calibur game has featured.

    unless they do something similar rto what they did with the star wars characters in SC IV, and maybe Ezio on one machine and Altair on the other.
    then sell the absent character as dlc later.

    • You may be onto something there. Own up, you work for Namco. The problem would be, would their fighting styles be all that different?

      • Probably not, only difference being that Altaïr uses one blade, whilst Ezio uses two.

      • @maneorix
        I highly doubt that they are going to have Ezio use his hidden blades to fight.
        It would make sense if they did the Altaïr and Ezio thing.
        They both use one sword to fight. Whether or not they use two hidden blades does not matter at all.

      • One of the guys on the PSP version uses a hidden blade?

      • He’ll use ’em I reckon, most likely during throws.

  3. Mario for the Wii U edition?

  4. Interesting. I can see him fitting in. I wonder if he will be in the game or if they will go the Batman route and lock him out to Preowned owners/ those without net etc..

  5. i just hope he’s not as much of a bitch to fight as the apprentice was in IV.

    how my joypad survived beating him i don’t know.

    i might need to invest in some padding for the walls before i play this game.

    hold, on, i’m not going in a padded room again.

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