Soul Calibur: Lost Swords Coming To PS3, Is F2P

In this week’s Famitsu it has been revealed that Soul Calibur: Lost Swords will be coming to PlayStation 3. The game is said to be free-to-play, a recent trend for publisher Namco Bandai who launched Tekken Revolution earlier this year. It also has plans to release a free-to-play Ridge Racer and Ace Combat too.

Aside from the announcement itself there are very details on Lost Swords. However, we can assume that, like Tekken Revolution, the F2P title will release with a small cluster of fighters, offering add-ons and premium roster updates further down the line.

It’s an interesting strategy by Namco and hopefully one we’ll see carry over to the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

Source: Gematsu


  1. I hope it’s more like Tekken R and less like DOA5 Ultimate.

  2. I haven’t played Soul Calibur since the mighty Dreamcast, but as long as I can be Kilik, I’m a winner!

    • They proper messed with Kilik for Soul Calibur 5 unfortunately so while he might be in it he might not be as good as you remember!

      Been playing a lot of Tekken Revolution so a f2p Soul Calibur could be good.

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