Four More Soul Calibur V Characters Announced

The latest batch of character reveals for Soul Calibur V is a mixture of old and new. Yoshimitsu and Cervantes reprise their roles, although their appearances are quite different now. Although that’s a given when it comes to Yoshimitsu, Cervantes appears to be younger now for some mysterious reason. He actually looks a lot like Triple H.

Aeon is actually another returning character. He was known as Lizardman in previous installments. In Soul Calibur IV he was equipped with an axe and shield but he’s dual wielding two axes this time around. Xiba is a newcomer to the series and it looks like he might be Kilik’s replacement.

Soul Calibur V releases on January 31st in North America and on February 3rd in Europe.

Source: Siliconera


  1. Ok….. so was Cervantes ever dead? I don’t get it… haha. Yoshimitsu looks much strange, then the other characters look nice.

    • To my knowledge, he was dead at one point. I believe he was accidentally resurrected by Nightmare. Apparently, Cervantes had a piece of the Soul Edge in his body or something and that awakened him. Then he went on a rampage stealing souls and looking for more pieces of the sword. I have no clue what happened between IV and V though. Why did he turn into Triple H!?

      • Maybe he does it as a side job since the end of SC4?

      • Wait, these games have a story?

  2. Can’t remember which one it was, wasn’t the last one, IV, so must have been III. But there was the dungeon mode that was brilliant. Hope they bring it back!

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