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Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary ‘Behind the Scenes’ Video

A new ‘behind the scenes’ video has been released for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, taking us through some of the decisions made when developing the game.

The stand out feature for me is when the video flips between the original graphics, and the new graphics. That’s quite a substantial leap. Do you hear that noise? It’s Kris weeping tears of joy.

Source: Game Front


  1. So excited for this. I really think it sets the bar for rereleases of games.

  2. Wish more games could be re-released with this level of work. Some people must really love this game! Sadly never got to play it, as I was 8, and I didn’t have an Xbox. I still don’t have an Xbox. It’s a shame this won’t be multi platform, but it isn’t surprising at all.

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