Over Eight Million Users Played the Battlefield 3 Beta

Well, we certainly enjoy our shooters, don’t we? So much so that it has been confirmed that over eight million users took part in the Battlefield 3 beta, scoring 1.5 billion kills.

Other stats released include the longest headshot (635m), shots fired (47 billion) and the number of people who lost their dog tags at the end of a knife (19 million).


The full game is out next week.

Source: Battlefield Blog



  1. I got a 569m headshot but headshot stats didn’t seem to be working in Battlelog for me. Plus there’s that vid of a 967m shot?

    Roll on next week, the final game seems to be lightyears ahead of the beta. I just have to give an unexpected seminar and then the weekend will consist of a massive Battlefield session, just like the old days.

  2. I reckon around 300,000 of those kills were against me. I sucked big time but, I’m still eagerly awaiting my pre-order to drop through the letterbox.

  3. I wonder how many people fell through the map, lol. :) Enjoyed the beta… for about as long as you can enjoy only 1 map, and am looking forward to next week to get some more dog tags. I hope Dice lets us keep our dog tags from the beta, the way they let us keep our dog tags from the BFBC2 demo.

    • Yep. I found myself shrinking in size as I ran under the ground.

  4. Over 8 million users played the Battlefield 3 Beta and I can assure you this long time Battlefield fan absolutely hated it ;)

    • What did you hate about it?

      • The visuals (except for the lighting, which was spot on) – I appreciate we are talking about a beta here so they will probably be better in the finished build, but they were still pretty ugly imo.

        The recoil! – Enough said about that one. Absolutely insane and really annoying.

        Poor point distribution – Destroying an objective gives you hardly any points at all, whereas running around like an idiot scoring random kills gives you loads. Hardly a surprise people don’t play the game mode properly…

        Connection issues – Lots of lag and even more disconnects. Ok they are EA servers so it hardly comes as a surprise but its still incredibly annoying

        Crap level – Doesn’t feel like a BF level at all and would be more welcome on Medal of Honor. Battlefield is all about large open areas, not narrow corridors.

        These are just a few. Suffice to say I’ll be giving it a miss, which is a shame as BC2 was an amazing game.

      • most of these have been looked into. You get 200points for arming Mcom, 500 for destroying. There are also lots of other maps. All bugs have been fixed and recoil has been looked at too I hear. I suggest trying hte full game if you can, it will be different.

      • Thanks, I may give it a try in the new year then :)

    • You’re hating a game based on an old build beta? If they didn’t have the beta in the first place, would you have bought it day on?

      I’m sure most people who haven’t been following DICE’s blog, won’t know things bilbo was talking about. To be fear, if you really were a long time BF fan, you won’t let a poor beta change your mind.

      You should know the kind of developer DICE is, and have faith in their final product.

      • “You’re hating a game based on an old build beta?”
        True, but the game is very close to release meaning they either:

        a) Released a beta which is running on very old code, which I should hope so given the huge amount of bugs, etc currently present. OR…
        b) This is in fact the (almost) finished build. Something I hope for their sake isn’t the case.

        Either way DICE have become just another company who used the word ‘beta’ to mean ‘glorified demo’. The game comes out in a matter of weeks! How on earth can they take people’s comments on board and implement them into their finished product this close to release?!

        Believe me, I’m not hating on this game for the sake of it, as I was really looking forward to it but, like other games that had a beta stupidly late (Killzone 3, Resistance3, etc) I won’t be going near it until its patched and actually playable.

      • They are not just another developer sir. When last you heard one testing out their backend servers in a beta? Certainly not from their competition. This was a TRUE beta, to test things and observe the speed at which people rank up.

        KZ3 was already GOLD by the time the beta(which at that point was a demo) was released. RE3 was just a disappointed (for me) in the MP aspect. Loved the SP.

        I’m no diehard fanboy by any means, and I apologies if I come across as such. I do love BF, but I love gaming in general, and I feel that this game come launch day, will be top notch.

      • I hear what you’re saying but why didn’t they release this so-called true beta a few months ago where the results and feeback would have been of use?

        Instead now I get the feeling they will end up with a list of problems and just go “meh, shit happens. We need to get it out on the market before MW3. It’ll sell” and ship it out in its current, (in my opinion) broken state.

        Hopefully its better after a few patches but it would have been nice if they had made the effort to make their game feel finished come release day.

      • Point taken =)

      • was it not an alpha build then ? different to a beta in many ways i always liken these to minecraft look at the alpha got the feedback and now look at the beta its like a totally different game !

  5. Didnt bother with the beta, just looking forward to the campaign….

  6. I wonder if I’m included in that number. I couldn’t get passed the menu screen. Tried about 10 times on different occasions. Not a good way to bring in new customers. I certainly won’t be spending £40 on what is a high risk game for my PS3 seeing as though this was a beta. I would certainly wait for a confirmation they have fixed the start screen before purchasing.

  7. Had a great time in the beta, cannot wait for next week.

  8. i loved the beta. so much so i preordered the game and decided my student drinking budget can be slashed (the shame)

  9. Woah.

  10. The amount of issues the beta had was really annoying, especially at such a late stage. It made me cancel my pre-order, as I knew they wouldn’t be fixed in time, and DICE will provide better support to PC users over console users, do I didn’t see the point. Probs going to rent it for the SP.

    • Had the same effect on me also. Pre-order cancelled and going to leave it a while and see what happens.

      I know it was only supposed to be a BETA, but this close to release EA really should have been offering something that isn’t full of issues and gives a decent taste of what battlefield offers over MW3. The whole point of releasing 2 weeks earlier is to try and steal some players away surely, but after playing the beta it has only convinced me that my best bet is to wait for MW3 as BF3 has been rushed and will be full of holes. Hope i’m wrong on that though.

      A real shame as I loved BC2, the Port Valdez demo for it was perfect, and was hoping for the same from BF3.

    • Aaaah yes. The canceling of pre-orders due to a beta. Your money though, so I can’t say anything bad about that.

      But in my opinion, due to the beta being an old build of the game, almost 2 months old when you got to play it, there were allot of bugs and glitches, and you shouldn’t judge a game too much based on a beta.

      DICE main purpose of releasing the beta was to test the backend of servers. Just so they can have a good launch. They’re taking criticism for the beta being bad, but in reality they were working on making the servers better.

      All the bugs in the beta are said to be fixed. Scoring improved, weapon damage balanced out, texture issues, etc.

      • * I mean backend servers…not of the servers. No coffee yet =(

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