TSA Talks Joe Danger: The Movie With Sean Murray

Of all the people we met and spoke to at EGX, Sean Murray was one of the nicest. The Hello Games MD and evangelist for Joe Danger was friendly, informal, honest and candid.

We got a look at Joe Danger: The Movie and spoke to Sean about what this next step for the resurgent stuntman would entail.

Check out the video interview for some insight into the process of getting Joe Danger’s first outing on to the PSN and what the studio is throwing into the new game, which they’re hoping to release next year.


  1. There is an actual movie of Joe Danger. It’s called Hot Rod.

    Well, it’s not official, but they really remind me of each other.

    • Lol – I know exactly what you are talking about. :)

      Gotta love that moustache!!

  2. I guess an Xbox 360 version is confirmed then? 3:22 into the video shows the RT button from the 360 pad, calling it Left-Trigger. I know about earlier news about them hiring a 360 developer I just never saw the news about it being confirmed as a multi-platform release, that’s all.

    • I thought it had already been confirmed, but that may be me making things up! All i know is that all of the versions at EGX were played using Xbox pads (which was a little confusing at first), so it is certainly plausible.

      • I can’t be sure but I think the PC versions were being controlled by 360 controllers.

      • They do the development work on PC, its easier to get an Xbox pad working with a PC than it is a PS3 pad.

        Was exactly the same for the first game.

    • The original poster that Hello Games released said “What platform? Not sure”. So I guess they’re not sure!

  3. Hmm, this needs more monkeys, I feel.

  4. After playing this at EGX I really can’t wait to play the full thing. Was only a small demo but had great fun playing it with my mate.

  5. This was a great interview, seems like such a nice chap. Like his honesty and agree with him on chucking everything in this game then not doing DLC and doing something new. I look forward to what that will be… The game look great too.

  6. Great interview – I loved Joe Danger, and this definitely looks like a worthwhile sequel. I’m particularly loving the skiing… and the jet pack!

  7. Always nice to say hello to the lovely people at Hello Games.

  8. My son (who’s called Joe) loved the first one, guess I’ll have to get him this one too. Never mind, I think it look great too.

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