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With Battlefield 3 only a week away now it seems only fair that we rewind almost exactly a year and look at their other shooter. Remember Medal of Honor? You should, the reboot released almost exactly a year ago, and was seemingly EA’s first attempt at taking on the nigh unstoppable Call of Duty franchise. People are making a big deal of them putting Battlefield 3 right in CoD’s release window this year but Medal of Honor did it last year, just with less flair.

In fact there was almost no build up for the title, something EA seem to have overcorrected for with this year’s exceptionally long advertising campaign for Battlefield. They’ve clearly learned from their mistakes and worked out that if they’re going to gun for CoD then they really need to go all out.

Anyway, onto the game itself. We were fairly warm about the game in our review last year, scoring the shooter at 8/10. That’s nothing to be sniffed at, particularly for the first Medal of Honor game in longer than I can remember. Here’s what we had to say about it:

Medal of Honor’s leap to the current has been handled well – there’s a solid single player here with some stunning set pieces and the clever Tier 1 mode will no doubt see some serious competition down the line.  However, the real star appears to be the multiplayer mode, which despite limited playtesting looks to offer an entirely fresh portion of the game.  Activision might have a Call of Duty just around the corner, but hardcore shooter fans will find enough to enjoy with EA’s pre-emptive strike to make the purchase more than worthwhile.

Now although we liked it, I suspect there may be some of you who don’t quite share our opinion. If you feel like we’re wrong, or even if you feel like we’re right, head over to the forums, leaving us your thoughts on the game. Whilst we’re not going to discount longer reviews, please remember that the aim is for short, snappy opinions. More than that we simply don’t have the time to wade through longer reviews, so if you want to have your opinion included in the verdict post try to keep it short.

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  1. liked it, you can pick it up for around £10

  2. i haven’t played the game, but the tie in novel, written by Chris Ryan i think, was pretty good.
    short but good.

  3. I rented it and as a huge unashamed Battlefield fanboy i have to say i was disappointed , it was far to like CoD for me and the singleplayer campaign was ridiculously full of American gung ho “hoooahhhhs” and all that crap i couldnt stand it and took it back pretty quickly .
    Id originally intended on buying it just to get the BF3 beta key but that experience put me off and thank god i didnt because all the poor sods got was i think one measly extra days play, i’d have been fuming.

    • Only the multiplayer was made by Dice and it was never meant to be like battlefield in the first place so if you were expecting it to be battlefield then that’s why you were dissapointed.

  4. Will be getting my thoughts down later in the forum. Really enjoyable campaign even though it was quite short. Got a lot out of the mulitplayer which was great fun too.

  5. I liked it, the single player was a fun little story, and the multiplayer was a nice change from the run and gun that is COD. Took me a while to get to grips with this idea but loved it when I did.

  6. What a coincidence.
    I was only talking about this game with one of my friends on the way to college.
    We came to the conclusion that the best multiplayer FPSs on PS3 were:
    1) Unreal Tournament III
    2) Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
    3) Resistance 2
    4) Medal of Honor
    5) Bioshock 2.

    So yeah, you’ve probably guessed my verdict already.

    • Resistance 2 is surprising, thought the multiplayer was a shambles on it, much prefer the first or third of the series. Killzone 2?

    • I am also somewhat surprised at the omission of Bad Company 2 in terms of multiplayer. That is the best war type FPS multiplayer i think i have ever played (although i hated FPS before this gen, so maybe not that surprising).

      Only my opinion of course, but an opinion shared by a few others i believe.

    • I didn’t particularly enjoy the Battlefield games too much- the maps are too big, you HAVE to use vehicles, etc.
      It just seems too funnelled. Plus, that just came straight up against Medal of Honor, which seemed to be balanced better, and be more fun. I can recognise they’re good games, but not for me.
      I loved Resistance 2’s bigger maps though- they weren’t as big as Battlefield, but when you had 50-60 players duking it out, it was fantastic. Should probably play MAG, come to think of it…
      Killzone 2? Probably 6th on the list, either that or it’s sequel. Really good, but just missing… something. Can’t put my finger on it, but it’s still great. I think the other games were just more fun than Killzone though.

      • That’s fair enough – The world would be a very boring place if we all liked the same things (plus servers would be overloaded!!).

        I am particularly looking forward to BF3 though.

      • Yeah, it looks good.
        I reckon I’ll pick it up cheap down the line.

      • Loved Mag, still play it lots and can’t recommend it highly enough despite it being a bit marmite – especially at its low price and given that no-one plays the DLC maps/modes anyhow. Hell you can probably rent it for pennies too. Shout me if you get it and fancy a go sometime(I’m SVER atm)

        Was always intrigued by MOH and almost bought it on impulse several times. The long queus caused in my local Gamestation by staff insistence on asking everybody if they want loyalty cards/strategy guides/extra peripherals/insurance for consoles/pre-orders of new titles etc saps the will to live so much that I usually put back any extra stuff and leave only with exactly what I went in for. I don’t blame the staff, they’re sound, but their head office insists on this approach I guess.

        So, is the MOH singleplayer worth the asking price? (12 quid approx these days IIRC) I don’t really do the more deathmatchy type games any more so MP is probably out.

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