Batman: Arkham City DLC Has Problems

There appears to be a problem with both the PS3 and Xbox Batman DLC, in fact there appear to be numerous problems that are breaking the game.

“I cant even get past the first few minutes of the game without getting this message saying that my downloadable content is damaged and I don’t have anything downloaded,” posted one annoyed Batfan on the Rocksteady forums.


Rocksteady recommend deleting any DLC and reinstalling but this does not seem to work. The problem also appears to be affecting the Robin DLC to some extent and results in the game freezing, crashing and generally not working too well.

Another forum user has reported that the coupon for the Catwoman DLC in his brand new copy of the game was blank.  “We are working with Warner on this problem now,” responded Sarah Wellock, European Community Manager of Rocksteady Studios.

Yet more users are reporting that their brand new codes in sealed boxes have already been redeemed.

Meanwhile over on the PS3 users are reporting corrupted save games and game freezing after the Catwoman DLC has been installed.

“We are looking into Catwoman DLC problems so please stay tuned” was the latest message on the Batman Twitter feed.

Source: Rocksteady Forums / Batman Arkham City Twitter



  1. FFS can’t they at least not test everything including DLC and such to make sure that the game itself is working in full standard before shipping out!
    I hope they have learned their lesson by using the ‘Online Pass’ of Catwoman which appears to mess everything up.
    Was about to cancel my order but too late it got shipped out this morning.
    Thanks Sarah Wellock well done…. really!

    • Test things? What are you on about? It’s far easier to release then throw out a half assed patch…

  2. Pitiful launch. Shame on them. Hopefully all will be sorted by the release date.

    • mine works fine. installed all dlc on ps3 and played for an hour or so with no problems at all.

      • there’s also an update to install as soon as you put the game in so maybe they’ve fixed it already.

      • can I ask where you bought your copy from?

      • i got it from jbhifi online

  3. That’ll teach them to seperate sections of the games into DLC, preorder DLC! At least if you’re going to do that make sure it bloody works – now they’re money grabbing and lazy! I feel for the gamers though.

  4. Moral of the story? Put all the frackin content on the disk in the first place instead of worrying about ripping people off!!! I’m actually laughing like an evil villian right now :D

  5. Haw haw

  6. lol, talk about karma

    • Not that i am a great believer, but if there was ever evidence for it…

      • i would be inclined to agree, except it’s the buyers who are suffering, not warner.
        they’ve got their money, they just failed to fulfill their end of the bargain.

  7. Reap what you sow. Best served cold. Straws on backs etc.

    The very least I’d expect if I was going to be fleeced would be for it to be done in an efficient and professional way.

    Right now I’m one of Eldave0’s evil lackeys laughing along in the background :)

    • Excellent laughing Nocure.
      Now remember, villainous faces >:D **mwhahaha**

      • Stroking of chins, or rubbing of hands adds to the effect too.

      • Having Catwoman’s, Robin’s and Nightwing’s heads mounted on my wall add to the effect too! >;D

      • How I chortled at this. That they have made such a botch job that it just demonstrates what a late decision this whole cut and shut of a DLC is. I feel every sympathy for the customers but hope this is an unmitigated nightmare for WB. Hahaha.

      • You may have those heads on your wall fella, but I’ve a rug, coat and blanket made from the skins of the Animaniacs :)

  8. only affects preowned buyers eh?

    of course the new buyers without net connections were always gonna be ripped of by this

    • Yep, even if the Catwomen DLC is made free to download, those with an offline PS3 will still miss out.

  9. oh and, were warner forcing this on rocksteady or were they fully behind it?

    maybe this guy is just toeing the company line, or maybe this is what rocksteady think.

    either way, respect level for rocksteady, down several points.

    • Yeah man, pretty spurious, given the game will likely be one of the most successful this year eh? We won’t be able to make batman 3 without fleecing people, my arse.

  10. That’s funny, anyway i won’t be buying it new either way.

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